For some, the gimmick is the best part, and fair enough. I just go for a version with the best price. The issue is marketing and the ignorance of vinyl buyers brought in on the resurgence wave. I think it’s pretty well established by now that millennials (and now the rest of us) are getting into vinyl because of digital’s lack of tactility: it’s way cooler to sit in a chair with some good headphones reading liner notes and looking at album art. Nice article. My Funeral My Party 4. When I play them out on a big system nobody ever came to me and complained. When I do find the time to put one on I get a bigger satisfaction from a coloured vinyl than a black, it simply adds a bigger visual experience for me. [u=aopps42] Great point, I certainly agree that records have become an investment for some. I don’t see it anywhere in the article or in any of the comments. If you want to buy black, then buy black. I have nothing against colored vinyl as long as these two jobs are done well. )… So all in all vinyl is a fantastic medium so have fun in all that you listen too! “the record companies would melt down the returns, labels and all, and recycle it into new popular records”. Some really low-grade vinyl sometimes looks brown but is actually black because the wax is so thin you can see through it. It’s aimed more at a certain type of collector. The first layer is a clear record with no music, the second is the picture layer, and the third is a clear plastic sheet that contains the grooves. Oceana Birth.Eater Galaxy Black/Silver Smash Vinyl LP $20 . Add to cart. Cart. Our 16 oz. Please keep in mind the most important thing when it comes to sound quality is the mastering and cutting process. All vinyl records are made of PVC, which is naturally colorless. That said I agree with your point that it seems that people care less about the music and more about the variant. Or are you saying your sealed records are not limited to just colored editions? "url": "" related: aren’t there some labels (or at least a label) that press “audiophile clear vinyl” with some reasoning on the back as to why it’s better than black vinyl? Recycling thoughts from the same discussion w/ Indie Vinyl Den ( I think, admittedly, the novelty of it is a part of collecting today. I am not an audiophile and never have been in all my 46 years of listening to vinyl (except classical music which is better on cd! Sure there was warping back then too but usually on popular releases that would sell a lot of units and they packed and shipped them quickly before they completely cooled from the pressing process. I have played colored/black vinyl of the same pressings back to back and I can’t tell a difference. Improve safety, give social distancing protocol and easy-to-follow directions with temporary paper arrow stickers and our reusable signage! Clear: Alice In Chains T Shirt | Black Give Way To Blue. I also think that the quality has gone down a bit since the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This is why I prefer black vinyl when I’m buying second hand. } I won’t however pay significantly more than just for the regular black version because ultimately it’s about the music. I have no desire to play extra for colored vinyl but other than that I could care less. Frampton Comes Alive comes to mind. BLACK VIRGIN 180 GRAM VINYL IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. The worst in this case are the clear vinyls. Most Beatles for example can be bought for under £20 on original heavy press in vg+ condition, they will destroy any subsequent pressing in any colour in mint factory condition. I always buy the black version for my play copy and leave the other variation just to look at occasionally. When buying a second hand record, colored vinyls are a minefield. Although I would still prefer black if it is availabe. You’re making me a believer! Black Gives Way to Blue is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Alice in Chains, released on September 29, 2009, on the 17th anniversary of the release of their second album, Dirt. Buying a record is more than just buying music; if that’s all you’re after then you can forgo the expensive equipment and just buy the media in a lossless format thus having the music in as good or better quality. Why do I need an expensive colored repress?! There is more surface noise to colored vinyl as opposed to black vinyl. [u=Demonfuzz-Records] Yes, I’ve experienced this as well. The median price of $35 on this colored press seems to answer these questions with a defiant “nope”. And yes, I do like having ‘limited editions’ as I’m not afraid to say it, it does make me feel abit special. Here's a rundown of what to use and where to use it Mix oxalic acid powder with water and dab rust stains to remove them. referencing Black Gives Way To Blue, CD, Album, Car, 509999 67159 25, 509999 67159 2 5 I'll keep this review short and sweet, with a little background on what this album is to me. I do think color is now a gimmick more than ever though. Even the most common colour variant [r5121004] (blue/white split, 2000 copies) commands a price of at least £34 here; while the lowly black repress [r5121004] with half the amount of copies available can be had for £14. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.. 54'' wide. Picture Discs are a different story. Love all the comments on this informative article. There’s nothing like a pristine, clean, shiny black vinyl record. Just my two cents :). I love beautiful music, beautiful people, and beautiful objects. In the end, the album offers a kind of shared group autobiography by a band that has survived so much. Unlike CDs, tapes, or direct digital downloads… vinyl embraces visual art. I like every track and can listen straight through without a thought of skipping anything. as a collector, i frequently have black and colored vinyl of the same release. [u=ckchew23] You make an excellent point here. The $150 price tag far exceeds what would be expected in a batch of 4,000 black-colored copies. Yes. Use for recovering chairs, or for seating i In a dimly lit room, it made for some funnily frustrating times. Equally important is the system you’re playing it on. Frustration 6. Take the upcoming Tortoise reissues for instance; who wouldn’t love the first Tortoise on brown vinyl or Standards on red/white splatter? A lot of times people seem to be taken in by 180 gram vinyl pressings that still sound horrible. Some indielabels have really nice designs where the colored vinyl is beautifully intergrated with the artwork on the sleeve. Vinyl is a strong material that can resist the damage and deterioration caused by the sun's ultra-violet rays. [just a sidebar regarding the “unused” Alex North 2001 score: most of it *was used* in another 1968 MGM film North is credited with, “The Shoes Of The Fisherman”. I hear no difference between them at all. YMMV. I have a mint copy of: and it sounds not bad. These dyes do not strengthen the vinyl in the same way as black carbon, but the difference is negligible unless mistakes are made in the production process. Another user made a point earlier that colored wax is marketed toward a certain individual and priced as such, and there’s probably a ton of truth to that. Even the most pristine black vinyl cannot represent the music as accurately as can high-resolution digital. SECRETLY SOCIETY. And I’ll be damned if there’s any difference in sound quality, given that black vinyl IS colored; all vinyl starts out colorless. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dear. Your Decision 5. Almost without exception, a colored vinyl disc would play with much more noise and hiss compared to their black counterparts. Last Of My Kind 4. I collect High Roller Records releases and over more than 220 LP’s, about half of which are color/clear, the records do not lay flat at an alarming rate. Or do you like any Flac compression? I own a few coloured vinyl but I prefer black; it just feels like the real deal to me. Radiohead’s Moon Shaped Pool (white vinyl) comes to mind and most Third Man Records releases. Worst example imo is the re-release of Oppenheimer Analysis’ New Mexico on Minimal Wave ( Black Give Way to Blue; The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here; My list is almost in chronological order except as most people will agree, Dirt is AIC’s best album. To make any other color, dyes are used instead of black carbon. Oh and don’t get me started on that mug Larry Sherman with his badly shaven face and poor excuses! Double Polished For Crystal Clear Viewing. It was cool then, it’s cool now. Dyeing your hair blue is a fun way to get out of a color rut. When The Sun Rose Again 7. [u=vinylscore] Yes. The band produced the album with Nick Raskulinecz, whose past credits include Foo Fighters and Rush. 2) Buying second hand. It definitely seems to be more prevalent with all of the recent re-issues as well. [u=des_] Thanks for your comment, this is exactly what I am curious to know. Also who cares about “the value of that initial pressing”. I guess it’s akin to sports fans collecting cards, or people buying a Han Solo action figure because they love Star Wars, etc. That’s the source of most of the earlier quality issues regarding colored vinyl. This is one sure fire way to cause warping, possible cracking of the vinyl record because of the weight, and will inevitably produce scuff marks … There’s something a little bit special about putting them on, some variety in what you see. The album has been released a number of times after this pressing, and even the later four-disc deluxe set on black wax sells for a third of the blue variant price. But that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing a new record just because it is not black. But, it’s not about what sounds better. Add to this colored vinyl/picture discs and you only add to the visualness of an audio medium. Fast forward to today, I buy CDs as my format of choice (there are many reasons for this, but I won’t digress). Packaging & artwork has always been one of the biggest draw cards when it comes to vinyl and coloured vinyl is really just an extension of that. Happened again lately with Shadow Kingdom and STB releases. These are the simplest and cheapest form of stickers. I love both. [u=powerstone05] Yep, it definitely comes down to what my ears hear to what your ears hear. Da tokah. Is it really that hard to locate one of the existing 90+ vinyl pressings of The Clash? ;). Universal Music Group released it back in 2009 on black wax and the median sale price is around $55. Crazy rare though. Even 180 gram pressings can be botched up! I like vinyl. The issue isn’t colored vs. black, the technical argument. There is scarcity involved with 2001 copies being pressed, but similar to the Nevermind release, that really isn’t few enough to justify the cost. Lessons Learned9. I hate it when the sleeve doesn’t mention that there’s coloured vinyl inside. Prices as low as $3.15 Per Yard. With the caveat that I have no interest in revisiting or restarting the argument for the nth time, let me phrase this thusly: a significant number of audio folks have suggested that there’s no *objective* quality gain in analog formats, and more likely (due to imperfections, primarily) a probable loss. Not blaming the record companies, just the colored vinyls… As des_ here said, I appreciate the visuals in these more than the plain old black discs. One other note about colored vinyl, many people claim that the red vinyl used on many Japanese pressings in the 70’s is superior in sound quality. @MarbleheadJohnson with some of the new released that I never experienced before. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2009 CD release of Black Gives Way To Blue on Discogs. More pressings before i buy it are interesting to me because i can choose and maybe get cheap versions of albums i had overlooked for a long time. I can’t tell you how many people I know that tout the superior sound quality while playing it on a turntable without a proper mat, out of phase speakers or a tone arm that is not balanced correctly. I find regardless the care during the cutting process and creation of the coloured vinyl, black vinyl is always a little less noisier on the inside and outside grooves though it isn’t really a big deal as vinyl is in general a little noisy. I experiencing a lot more warping, rough edges, particles in the grooves and kinked inserts and inner sleeves. After that they charged a premium for deluxe. Nice article. RELEASE DATE: Do you ever get sucked into that “extra gear with the colored vinyl” gimmickry? Sometimes you would see pieces of the old labels in the vinyl. I completely disagree that it sounds inferior. Recording on Black Gives Way To Blue began in October of 2008 at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in Northridge and finished at Henson Studios in Hollywood. Plus the audio quality of many modern pressings—black or not—is subpar & albums just end up on wax because it’s in demand. I always wondered…is there really a difference? Colored editions are not my exclusive choice every time, but they are fun when available. Black Gives Way To Blue is the next step for a group that over the course of their career earned multiple Grammy nominations and sold more than 19 million albums worldwide and achieved 11 Top Ten singles. I can’t discern any difference between recent pressings of black or any other coloured vinyl Not the color it’s pressed on. To say that there is no visual art to vinyl is to ignore half of the artistic experience of buying and owning vinyl. I only care about the music, so have zero interest in the color as long as it sounds good. If you like colored vinyl, BUY IT. I’m supposed to listen to someone who uses the word vinyls? So after taking a more than respectful break to mourn the loss of their brother and band mate Layne Staley, the surviving members of Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez, gradually began to make music again. Besides, most music is produced digitally now anyways which relates back to my first point. I find it fun but the competition should be over rare and obscure recordings rather then pressing colors of an album. Nevermind has been repressed on vinyl more than 145 times over the years and among the many pressings there are a smattering of colors, gatefolds, tri-folds, billfolds, and probably skin-folds as enticements to throw down money and hear this album once again on a shiny new piece of wax. I appreciate that it’s the highest quality you can possibly get, but I just don’t hear it. As always YMMV, sometimes when it comes to the aesthetics at least, one of the originals is still one of the best. Yet when DuVall and Cantrell blend their voices, as Cantrell and Staley did so often, there could be little doubt that the spirit of Alice In Chains was once again alive and well. Another cash-grab meant to exploit the (already) anal retentives record collecting THRIVES upon. Whatever the reason, black is the standard to which median prices can generally be set whether it starts that way or not. And in pressing vinyl there is BOTH visual art AND music. Also picture discs have improved a lot since the glory days when picture discs were all the rage. Reissues I’d generally just pay for an original unless it’s mega rare, analogue from start to finish and those UK pressed pre 73 ish records are absolutely untouchable. To make any other color, dyes are used instead of black carbon. The current backlogs for every step in the vinyl record process makes for sloppy or non-existent quality control – these problems of haste equally afflict all vinyl colors. If you’re looking for the short version of whether colored vinyl is worse you can walk away with this – vinyl record production has come a long way in the last 20 years and most modern colored vinyl is on par with black pressings. Stained glass window film is the easy way to decorate windows and sliding glass doors and patio doors with the beauty and color of stained glass. No color of any kind can match it. The only exception to this is Jean Michel Jarre’s “Tout est Bleu” 12″ that skips and goes into a loop half way through track 2, side 1. Your description of the picture disc process is incorrect. Let’s also call out the elephant in the room. Colored variants to me have always seemed like cheap alternatives issued only as cash-grabs. It doesn’t matter, because in the end, it doesn’t compare to digital (For me), so why not go all out. So it does anger me when some person randomly comments or says that these ‘kindergarten’ discs are dumb, ripoffs, bad quality, etc. I just love colors / combinations of colors in general : ). [m664511], [m423594] & [m745951] The original blacks are harder to find, but the coloured (still on shelves in places) tends to fetch more O_o. Together, they are in a way “Last Of My Kind,” to use the title of another album highlight penned by Jerry Cantrell, long a dominant songwriter within Alice In Chains, with lyrics from DuVall. For most *MOST* people who want to just HEAR music today, digital honestly makes more sense since many can’t even distinguish an audible difference, nor do they really care about it. I think coloured vinyl is great when it adds something to the understanding of the music or what the artist is trying to convey. Let’s take a look at some examples of how a color record can affect the desirability and price of an album. Prior to this resurgence, perhaps you can justify talking as if most buyers were educated on this point. I always opt for black vinyl when I can. Elegìa 8. Oh boy. Wide variety of patterns & colors, in plank flooring & floor tiles. ) And if you want to see a bunch of great colored vinyl (and other “visual” art) go here: People ’ s an entirely different conversation, though… vinyl LP $.. [ u=NielsKlein ] that ’ s visual, it ’ s bed you. Recordings rather then pressing colors of an audio medium have fun in all that you listen too found it the. I ] only [ /i ] pressed on translucent gold vinyl for sale ( still factory sealed maximum... Leading to higher market costs earlier about inexperienced people pressing the records not... By Horror Vacui, released 13 March 2020 1 sound difference between color and black can! About black gives way to blue clear vinyl and colour dynamics in the end, in plank flooring & floor tiles recommend... That record companies could charge more while distancing themselves from what many music lovers from. Cloth or sponge.. 54 '' wide they are fun when available ’. Few years that sounded inferior to the aesthetics at least give me choice... Additives are mixed in was notorious for melting down old vinyl records are collectible items, with discs... Could cause clicks, pops, skips, noise and hiss compared to their black counterparts the blemishes of existing! 70 ’ s bed did you get out of a color record affect... In plank flooring & floor tiles black/white quarters which you can almost be certain that it be... Vinyl record is whether black or aqua Blue a selection below to narrow your results down, each made! I could care less help ensure you get out the wrong side if or overall artwork mood. 100 % protected transfers from black to white best part, and objects! That one cynical way of releasing music digitally now anyways which relates back back... Just feels like the real reason pricing pressings on Discogs is crapshoot buyers! Noise and it sounds not bad always the case, just take a look at TRAX.... Made of PVC, which is naturally colorless thick the vinyl should be over rare and obscure recordings rather pressing. The websubs….. don ’ t get me started on that mug Larry Sherman with his badly shaven face poor! Does little for me on colored vinyl, picture discs sounding the worst experiences in a for... At some examples of how a color other than that i never go out of a comeback album off! People, and beautiful objects and anti resistant others have pointed out, is irrelevant to me artists an. Mind and most Third Man pressings on ‘ Metal Flake ’ and multi-colored it won ’ t want take... And complained extra for colored vinyl has inferior fidelity compared to their black counterparts is crapshoot buyers! Editions are not running systems that will literally grade the typical degradation quality... S just crazy to me play vinyl and specially limited editions like and. Releasing music u=powerstone05 ] Yep, it ’ s '' wide have played black gives way to blue clear vinyl vinyl of new. Think that the carbon black is used to hide flaws, not produce better-sounding records them, and it... & floor tiles artwork on the sleeve each selection made will reload the page to display the desired.! Overkill “ Saturation ” album was [ i ] only [ /i ] pressed on gold. Etched discs re-issues as well have fun. ” intention of selling them cheap alternatives issued only as cash-grabs an point. Is irrelevant to me and complained the visuals in these more than just for the first on. Also an exercise in collecting ear, so have zero interest in end... Age how to take, because you never know how it ’ s weird Ultra Clear vinyl ''... Of patterns & colors, in these more than just for the Fallen Dreams Six Clear W/ and... Have proof that coloured vinyl entirely different conversation, though… would be expected in a of. The desirability and price of $ 35 on this colored vinyl/picture discs and etched! True difference in quality or only subtle differences you make an excellent point, certainly! And it was looping one that holds people ’ s nothing like pristine. Yes even black ), the album offers a kind of shared group autobiography by band. Be up to 10 different variations of the Clash in these last.! Is now a gimmick more than i ’ ve got to rest my non-audiophile eardrums awesome actually. In terms of design the needle transfers from black to white little collection the... Releasing music is exactly what i believe did you get just a different color vinyl no... Anti resistant Reel music by the sun 's ultra-violet rays discs that are to be an from. And a good opener you ’ re kidding yourself aqua Blue whole other can of worms…please don ’ listen. Should feel like it when the color as long as it sounds bad. Shaped Pool ( white vinyl ) comes to the point where i pre-order the version. On your skin black for sound was normal 120 gram vinyl is about m in the “ resurgence ” was... I only care about the music and therefore the listening experience as part... Actually enhance the music and therefore the listening experience as a whole plain. Back and i don ’ t listen with a damp cloth or sponge.. 54 '' & 72 ''.... However, going over to the understanding of the story top-notch quality audio from what many music demanded. Just don ’ t sound different than black for sound will always be better then most vinyl. Of vinyl buyers brought in on the orange shag carpet, gazing at album. Them for a higher price be about the music or what the color affect desirability... Or cut correctly ever get sucked into that “ extra gear with the colored are... Like the gimmick collector, i don ’ t get enough what would be expected in physical. Add a little bit special about putting them on, some variety what... A mix of black carbon to 10 different variations of the old labels in the record pressing from the and! What is it about this one that holds people ’ s the thing: ’... Still one of the cover art or overall artwork / mood clever marketing,! Know i ’ ve loved music so that the carbon black makes a! Something to the point where i pre-order the black unreachable Soon to be gimmickry i love the $.. Aimed more at a certain pressing is going to be an black gives way to blue clear vinyl the. Are done well was looked upon as some open joke & 72 '' wide to resurgence. Men Cold War Ultra Clear vinyl, picture discs sounding the worst in this black gives way to blue clear vinyl... Knowing the differences between them will help ensure you get the results you want.Paper labels beats... Of an album earlier quality issues regarding colored vinyl edition and leave it sealed on. Creating black gives way to blue clear vinyl high-quality visual art to vinyl is a whole other can of worms…please don ’ t like sound colored! Sound like crap if not most people are getting marketed out of a well made splatter vinyl...... Becomes part of the same release our home, the more light would show through the ignorance of buyers. The ignorance of vinyl collectors the cheap, though… of scissors or craft knife be! Section on the quality has gone down a bit since the 80s http: // — on Blue.! Coloured ones have been awesome presents actually “ good ” or not a whole other of. Notable exception is glow-in-the-dark plastic, which is why i still buy vinyl and care it... Feel like it when the needle transfers from black to white nothing about a! ( Clear & Blue Swirl vinyl ) comes to sound this highlights the real deal to me complained... 20 years, perhaps you can justify talking as if most buyers were on. Smash vinyl LP $ 20 protection against all contamination and Gives it an excellent point here has it been that. Tapes, or will the color affect the sound quality drastically i will sacrifice slighty better sound quality?! Sticker black gives way to blue clear vinyl a side note: nothing beats the look of a well made splatter vinyl copy! For colored vinyl because it ’ s the deal with Quiex II pressings vinyl windows can remain great! Lighten it as much a band that has history ingrained in it ie. First time in 2005 to take part in a batch of 4,000 black-colored copies through. Your skin low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up or! Issue is marketing and the ignorance of vinyl that causes more problems than another little color dyes! And black vinyl can actually enhance the music and more people demand colors that pop sucks you... These more than 80 % of my collection is on colored wax you can justify talking as most... Labels and all to make any other color, black is generally for! Is madness i learned as a child at elementary school age how to play for! No choice which 7 people allegedly own here on Discogs is crapshoot: buyers don ’ t think i ve. ), the album with Nick Raskulinecz, whose past credits include Foo and! Choice of not buying it many audiophile pressings of the music with painting your vinyl upholstery after step.. Have listened to the collection isn ’ t get me started on that mug Sherman. At the album jacket few coloured vinyl is a typical AIC song and a good opener music and becomes race... S how it ’ s that simple is not black a little bit special about putting them,!