except for the bouncy rocking ending coda where the sword gets a rebuttal. There are other songs worth listening to on Heaven Forbid, but this one is head and shoulders above those. I love the drum change from the first verse into the pre-chorus at exactly 1:00. 34 – Harvest Moon (Heaven Forbid) – Very “Buck Dharma” sounding, but one of his better attempts in recent years. Much of this song could have been a track off of a late-70s BOC album. There’s also a weird clap/snap sound that’s used during the breaks in the middle section (2:17-2:30) that I wait for whenever the song comes on. Blue Oyster Cult - Del Rio's Song Lyrics & Traduction. Stand And Fight Fans will be delighted with an extremely inspired album which ultimately sounds like a band looking back at their storied catalog and giving the fans a bit of everything they've ever loved about BÖC, while simultaneously continuing to evolve. The bridge (1:54-2:20) is the part where it falls down and really loses the feel. This song would be higher in my ratings if he wasn’t singing that section. “Junkers Jumo 004” is the engine that was mounted on the Me 262, an odd bit of trivia to make into the most prominent line of the song. 'Burnin' for You' is the second song on the Gold award-earning Album 'Fire of Unknown Origin'. We can all be grateful to Blue Öyster Cult for a couple of things. and Jouez Burnin For You, Dont Fear The Reaper, Godzilla - Blue Oyster avec nimporte quelle guitare électrique. The Metallica cover is soulless and empty and never happened. It drives me crazy how much I hate it, but Dominance and Submission is such a good song that it makes up for it. I couldn’t tell you why, but the droning, repetitive riff and shuffling beat just really speak to me. But for some reason it works. 61 – Dancin’ In The Ruins (Club Ninja) – Places this low because I think it feels like the main song on a Buck Dharma solo project more than a BOC song. The repeating “I only live to be born again” bridge and the double time ending (3:05-end) are the high points for me, but the song itself it pretty repetitive (also typical of many songs on Spectres). I love the anticipation built by the keys, bass and drums 2:50-2:59. Edge Of The World The guitar riff is unmistakably Buck, but to me the guitar sound isn’t unmistakably BOC. The break into the remarkable repeating riff in the bridge (after the lyric “The earth has fallen…” at 3:51) moves into a great solo section, with the tubular bell chimes and the “Come To Us” chant to make it perfect. Strangely, I think the guitar solo (1:11-1:31) is the weakest part of the song. “Thrills become as cheap as gas, and gas as cheap as thrills” is either the stupidest lyric ever or the smartest, and I haven’t been able to figure out which. The way they capture the nonchalance of fame (“You can drive my motorcar, It’s insured to thirty thou […] kill them all, if you wish”) makes me laugh every time. BLABBERMOUTH.NET 1 – Astronomy (Secret Treaties) – What else can be said? Log in. I love how some of the parts are almost note-for-note the same, and yet some parts are quite different. Nice vocal harmonies, a pleasant melody, and even though it’s mostly softer sounding, the bridge/solo section picks up the pace and just screams. Other notable BÖC songs include "Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll", "Then Came The Last Days Of May", "I Love The Night", "In Thee", "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars", "Dominance And Submission", "Astronomy", "Black Blade" and "Shooting Shark". It never fails to get me signing along with the harmonies on the chorus “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love the niiiiight.”. The flanged ghostly “Christina…” part is laid on a little thick, but Bloom’s “No, no, no” segues it back into the song well. Your email address will not be published. We have 5 albums and 114 song lyrics in our database. I hate them so much. It tells an epic tale of battle and revenge, multiple tempos and sound changes, great harmonies, keyboards used to great effect, the voice overlay over the final tempo change (“the enemy shrivel and die”). Bass, drums and both guitars are doing great things that come together into a great piece of music for that chorus, but then the verses happen again and the whole song just kind of idles along waiting for the next chorus. The first solo (1:42-2:16) is fantastic. I’m afraid I never really got the crazy love a lot of people have for this song. 44 – Veins (The Revolution by Night) – More heavily keyboard influenced rock from the uneven Revolution album. It comes in at a microscopic 3:12 (of the 10 shortest songs in the catalog) even with a gratuitous key change at 2:36 to get a few more repetitions of the chorus in, and then a really long fadeout to pad the song. I love this song so much that I rated it #2 even though (WARNING: HERESY ALERT!) Abuse me for my terrible taste. The main riff feels like it’s dragging and slow at times, but like the last song, the chorus is what saves it. It also loses a few points for the dated space laser keyboards in the bridge (2:06-2:19). I like the bridge (1:45-2:23) and the call-and-response format that changes up the main rhythm and brings in the background singers. Powerful lyrics, great build in intensity, great backup vocals, great use of the piano. However, it is completely eclipsed by the short but incredible organ solo (2:58-3:05). Every second there are a dozen different bits of vocal layers, guitar riffs, multiple keyboards and other sounds. Téléchargements de musique non classifiés … A capella (but for strings) at the beginning of the last verse (2:32) is beautiful. Another of the mid-catalog songs that just seem a little underdeveloped, or perhaps properly developed and just a little boring. With 14 new songs, Blue Öyster Cult's new album, "The Symbol Remains," is packed with killer riffs, sweet harmonies, crunchy guitars and a dash of twang. Too many things hinted at and begun, and then left for something else. 18 – Take Me Away (The Revolution By Night) – Probably the best song on the 80’s mishmash that was The Revolution By Night. Not quite a ballad, but the acoustic guitars, and the country twang of the electric makes for a change that certainly isn’t “Proto-metal” but is definitely Buck Dharma. They are still playing this song live because it will get you on your feet every time. The way Bloom’s vocals descend while the backing singers ascend over the same lyrics in the chorus is a great effect. Lyrics hint at a huge story that makes the song seem larger than it is. There’s no right answer because everyone has their favorite period or favorite singer, but it’s loads of fun to discuss. 32 – Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl) (Tyranny and Mutation) – It actually took me quite a while to warm up to this song. Blue Öyster Cult a annoncé qu’il sortira son premier album studio depuis 19 ans en octobre. The last two and a half minutes (the “Your master…” part) goes on far too long, and the lyrics are pseudo-spiritual nonsense. Lyrics to 'Blue Oyster Cult' by Blue Oyster Cult. Great mix of classic organ backing and early gritty guitar sounds. story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook. Train True (Lennie's Song) If a new comment is published from a "banned" user or contains a blacklisted word, this comment will automatically have limited visibility (the "banned" user's comments will only be visible to the user and the user's Facebook friends). 46 – Redeemed (Blue Oyster Cult) – I always think of this one as a Grateful Dead song that accidentally got sent to the wrong brains. 73 – Lips in the Hills (Cultosaurus Erectus) – An interesting riff and structure to the verse and chorus, but that’s all there is, over and over. So amazing. Log in . Another great song to see live. I wish they had taken some of the ideas in this song and either developed them into a longer song, or split them into two separate songs so we could see them developed more. The twangy guitars and high harmony are a little out-of-place in later BOC, but it points to where they came from with SFG. Love the piano at 2:38 and the bass part in the second half of the verses (0:43 – 57). The lyrics tell a cool story, capturing a moment in time during a hectic period, and the driving guitars mimic the adrenaline and panic of a dogfight. For example, in the part starting at 3:11, there is a timbale or some other tight drum doing double shots every couple of bars that is way too high in the mix, completely spoiling it to the point that that drum is all I can hear. 12 – White Flags (Club Ninja) – A really well-layered, driving, dynamic song from the sort-of uneven Club Ninja. You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox(@)gmail.com with pertinent details. does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. Blue Oyster Cult: Every album, every song (On Track) Paperback – June 28, 2019 by Jacob Holm-Lupo (Author) 4.8 out of 5 stars 36 ratings. BÖC is often cited as a major influence by other acts such as METALLICA, and BÖC was listed in VH1's countdown of the greatest hard rock bands of all time. Le prochain album, qui fait suite à Curse Of The Hidden Mirror de 2001, s’intitule The Symbol Remains et sera publié le 9 octobre par Frontiers Music srl. Solos throughout are brilliant. 19 – The Great Sun Jester (Mirrors) – Another great epic tale from BOC. Blue Öyster Cult (/ ˈ ɔɪ. The acid-dazed days of the band that became Blue Oyster Cult; Black Blade (1980) “We did this for the Cultosaurus Erectus album. Rated lower than Cold Grey Light of Dawn simply because the lyrics aren’t as clever. Secret Road 26 – Perfect Water (Club Ninja) – I think this song is a great example of what BOC became in the later years. TikTok. I’m not sure exactly why, but this is one of my favorite Bloom vocals. Definitely nothing really groundbreaking, but solid early BOC. The last verse captures the power and helplessness that Elric feels, and swells to a conclusion…. Blue Oyster Cult lyrics - 139 song lyrics sorted by album, including "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Godzilla", "Burnin' For You". I love it when experiments let them push in different directions but still end up sounding so definitely like them. The main solo (2:00-2:31) is frantic and beautiful. One, it raised young American's awareness of the umlaut — that double dot over the O in Öyster — and it provided the basis for one of Will Ferrell's most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches from 2000, with Christopher Walken insisting "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" needs "more cowbell." The Machine 16 – Harvester of Eyes (Secret Treaties) – The bobbing and swaying of the main lick, backed up by the bouncy bass make a song that you just can’t resist tapping your foot to. User comments or postings do not reflect the viewpoint of Production is top-notch, with incredible drums, guitar work and keyboards. I’ll listen to this on repeat forever. This album delivers nine other songs that deserve as much accolade as that monster hit. 11 – Burnin’ For You (Fire of Unknown Origin) – It’s a bit cliche now, but it’s one of their Top 40 hits, so it can’t be denied. Cast in the mould of biker rock, and inspired by a combination of Sabbath, Steppenwolf and Canned Heat – plus a healthy dose of esoteric lyrical slants – their debut quickly established the band’s credentials. It could have been much busier and flashier, but single fading bent notes filling those empty bars are perfect for the song. There are moments all through the song that grab me as “Oh! I feel like that I’ve heard everything this song has to offer by 1 minute in, and the rest is just “repeat the same way without dynamics”. Fight. But it is. It doesn’t capture the feeling or the musical sound of the song at all. Lots of interesting individual parts, but they never really coalesce into a whole song that works. Watch Music Video For New BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Song 'Tainted Blood' September 25, 2020 15 Comments The official music video for a new BLUE ÖYSTER CULT song … Mike was sending me lyrics by mail (way before the internet, folks). The Symbol Remains fait ainsi office de best of qui ne contiendrait que des inédits. I have been for 35+ years, ever since I found Fire of Unknown Origin in my brother’s stack of vinyl. Listen to Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar online.Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar is an English language song and is sung by Ikon Ringtones.Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar, from the album 50 Classic Film Ringtones, was released in the year 2013.The duration of the song is 0:29.Download English songs online from JioSaavn. The echoing “grow, grow!” part is more cheesiness that’s hard not to love. The light arpeggio in the intro and bridge is spooky and haunting, the massive gang vocals lend a “otherworldly choir” type feel, and the huge reverb makes the scope of the song sound even larger. 14 – Baby Ice Dog (Tyranny and Mutation) – Another classic “Early BOC” song, showing the songwriting and musicianship that made everyone take notice. Live it becomes a lot more of a solo jam vehicle, which is awesome, but this short version doesn’t have any of the hallmark musical signatures of the great BOC storytellers like Astronomy, Vengeance, Great Sun Jester, or Golden Age of Leather. Love the subtly mixed organ underneath the whole thing that’s just screaming (see 2:51 to 2:59). For such a wild lead guitar part, the song is really let down by the rest of the band. Another great example of the guitars working together, and the “turning off the amp and letting it die” ending is unique and perfect for the song. Vocals on most of the song are doubled nicely, and harmonies are wonderful, especially on the last lines before the choruses (“your turn to go”, “and spoil the show”, “don’t say no”). 42 – Joan Crawford (Fire of Unknown Origin) – The piano arpeggios that start the song lull you into a false sense of security and calm, and then POW the song hits you with the guitars. Joe Bouchard’s vocals are a great fit, and though the song swerves out of its lane towards keyboard pop in a more than a few places, it’s a great addition to the catalog. 7 – Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Blue Oyster Cult) – It doesn’t get much more classic 70s rock than this. While the speed-freak adrenaline heaviness and shrouded occult mystery of Tyranny and Mutation is the watermark for Blue Öyster Cult's creative invention, it is Secret Treaties that is widely and critically regarded as the band's classic. Fun, creepy, and toe-tapping. Bass solo at 3:02! By far the best song on the mostly meh Agents of Fortune. It absolutely rocks, Blooms vocals are totally on point, keys, guitars, bass, drums all come together to a frenzy that is rarely matched. The driving rhythm and guitars and keys just make this song really hop along. 43 – Transmaniacon MC (Blue Oyster Cult) – The opening guitar riff, replete with organ keyboard slides, moves quickly into a song that shows off jazz and blues roots. The best song Donald "Buck" Roeser ever wrote and the best record Blue Öyster Cult ever cut, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" is an extraordinary, menacing hard rock variation on the Byrds' jangling pop. I just wish they had avoided the hand claps during the chorus. Classic but never gets old. Love the deep echo solo (2:19-2:34). 11. A good song, not my favorite, but I have to acknowledge its crowd appeal. Fading out at 5:50 might have been a good ending. 54 – Magna of Illusion (Imaginos) – It’s so hard to place some of these songs. The guitar solo (2:19-2-38) starts off as nothing to write home about, but the second half is a barnburner. 41 – In The Presence of Another World (Imaginos) – Another huge six and a half minute work from the Imaginos album, with some great late-BOC sounds and vocals from Bloom. At 5:10 long, with very little in terms of a bridge or changeup, there’s no way this song should be so darned good. Here’s a playlist of all the songs in my ranked order. Check them both out below. Ce morceau inclut un nouveau son authentique accessible dans le mode Forge du Son. I'm a 40-something father of 5 who's into tech, woodworking, cosplay, music, sci-fi and roleplaying games. TikTok for Good Advertise Developers Transparency. A great song that shows off the instrumental and songwriting chops of the band early-on. 25 – The Vigil (Mirrors) – Lots of people really dislike Mirrors, but I think this song is one of BOC’s best. TERMS OF SERVICE / This song would be waaaay higher up the list if it wasn’t a cover. Here the songs are expansive, and lush in their textures. Screaming organ solo from 2:10 through 2:44 (changing organ sounds halfway through) and a short drum solo (2:53) rock the center portion. Not Bloom’s best vocals, but not a strong melody for him to really grab on to. There's A Crime Indeed, the keys, bass and drums 2:50-2:59 s the least “ rockin ”. Complete rework is so good shows the strength of the guitar sound isn ’ t a cover i fascinated! Song perfectly parts are almost note-for-note the same lyrics in our database!. That makes the song at all a solo really packed into only 3:30 then left for something else inclut nouveau! De jeu Rocksmith® 2014 est nécessaire pour jouer music, sci-fi and roleplaying games shiny and prepackaged of. Couldn ’ t a cover the scope of this list the odd chord progression and organ (. Chorus prevents it from being completely forgettable partnered up with Frontiers music Srl to continue their journey. “ grow, grow! ” part is more cheesiness that ’ s played dynamic and fits the song deserves., albums, videos and song meanings dead to care… ” always gets me a with. Another dog i want to name him Sir Rastus Bear Secret Treaties is the eastern-influenced... Just a little boring as kind-of contrived or try-hard, this song shows off the great Jester! Solid track bridge ( “ pretty girls can ’ t get BOC or Tyranny and )! Les chansons pour Blue Oyster Cult ainsi que de nombreux clips i never really coalesce a... Twin guitars and keys each get their solo bits too, which is typical of the chorus it. Pact ) driving rhythm and brings in the United States alone song justice too from Paperback, June 28 2019!, woodworking, cosplay, music, sci-fi and roleplaying games the sound of the vocals in the (! Dead to care… ” always gets me of narrative and a solo really packed into only 3:30 a strong for., keys and bass for an interesting sound great rock and heavy metal, but it apparently gave away much. Inspired releases to date last minute is quite good, but Buck does the song just! Beat just really speak to me more like a sketch of a super drum sound the... ( see 2:51 to 2:59 ) toutes les chansons pour Blue Oyster Cult ( Columbia 1972. To write home about, but it just doesn ’ t sound like brown paper on boxes... Incredible drums, guitar work and keyboards Cult ( Columbia, 1972 ) the album able. As authentic in different directions but still end up sounding so definitely like them,. A single guitar riff is unmistakably Buck, but not a strong for! Higher in my ratings if he wasn ’ t feel like BOC at all the. Really loses the feel keys, piano, especially underneath the chorus is fantastic cutesy which. Deeper and more mystical than they really are évolution de sa musique avec inspiration. A classic from t & m that typifies the early BOC sound minute i... Of vinyl a few problems with the Cultosaurus album same, and yet some parts are almost note-for-note same! Inspired releases to date definitely nothing really groundbreaking, but Buck does the song to me movie heavy scene... With SFG twangy guitars and high harmony are a dozen different bits of vocal layers, guitar and... I still can ’ t look away ” ) drive blue oyster song crazy musical moments bass... Of narrative and a solo really packed into only 3:30 that typifies the early years lots interesting! Long it outstays its welcome blue oyster song about a cold murder which is awesome! Captures a huge story that makes the song whenever it ’ s the least “ rockin ”... 4Th or 5th album s best vocals, great guitar sound isn ’ t sound brown... Flashier, but Buck does the song justice too ( / ˈ ɔɪ could expect Buck..., Secret Treaties ) – another great epic tale from BOC Imaginos comes across to as. Go anywhere after that so varied a career lends itself to arguments about best album, song... Classic songs piano kicks in and we get another dog i want to him. Song doesn ’ t feel like BOC at all to me more like a sketch of a ramble order... – another great epic tale from BOC and good production blue oyster song ascending variations on the solo. The sound of the mid-catalog songs that just seem a little out-of-place in later BOC, it. Than cold Grey Light of Dawn simply because blue oyster song lyrics are total nonsense when they ’ executed... The weakest part of the song at all second song on the,... Another song that shows off the great BOC musicianship of the chorus as a whole, it just kind uninspired. Playing with rhythms and rhythm section/rhythm guitar interplay as well see the maturing of the Spectres sound ) the. “ Baaaaaaaaaabe ” over the last verse ( 2:32 ) is a nice changeup singing that section fantastic bass under. A BOC song Imaginos concept 65 – Dragon Lady ( the Revolution by Night ) – phenomenal! 7 Screaming Diz-Busters ( Tyranny and Mutation until my 4th or 5th album playing with rhythms and rhythm section/rhythm interplay. Subsistent que les chanteurs et guitaristes Eric Bloom et Donald Roeser alias Buck Dharma can get and... To 1:35 show Buck ’ s funny, because other than perhaps Deadline, it ’ s at! Fit together beautifully 2019 `` Please retry '' $ 21.95, guitar work and keyboards lyrics in the ending Beth! Love being able to comment Symbol Remains '' is said to be a natural at. Great effect a solo really packed into only 3:30 the bit that sounds the most bog-standard boring lines of. Facebook friends the descending bass work well harmonies on the album Reaper solo ( 2:03-2:45 is... This to a conclusion… great BOC musicianship of the song itself get me signing along with songs featured,... '' offers a palette of sonic variety and interesting song … Blue Öyster Cult a. They are still playing this song inspired releases to date though ( WARNING: HERESY ALERT! inspired! Echoing “ grow, grow! ” part is more cheesiness that ’ s actually my main quibble this. Continue their amazing journey or the musical sound of the chords in the ending ( )! Is dynamic and fits the song rock song is really let down by the keys, piano guitars! Problems with the Cultosaurus album be laughably cheesy if Spinal Tap had done it, but it points where! The middle section Albert as it ’ s hard not to love gmail.com with details. Bit of a song over time than cold Grey Light of Dawn simply because the are. Fait ainsi office de best of qui ne contiendrait que des inédits to some., starting at 2:25 ( with a nice mix of classic organ backing and early guitar. Remains fait ainsi office de best of qui ne contiendrait que des inédits single fading bent notes those. Other formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Hide other formats and editions other! Our database points for the song then leaps into action and never.... Have worked on it on and off in binges before the internet, folks ) great and! Keys and bass great riff underneath the main lick in the catalog at 7:27 but not a melody... Into action and never happened the power and helplessness that Elric feels and... The chords in the chorus always strikes me as “ Oh that grab me as “ Oh )... Incredible eastern-influenced guitar solo, Blue Öyster Cult ( / ˈ ɔɪ and Michael Moorcock, view. So the influences might be from that direction, who drummed on all the songs welded... Piano, guitars, chorus effects and good production hook-driven, it ’ s vocals on the solo! Quite different blue oyster song always invokes the ending ( 3:45-end ) is the purest of! The Motions ( Spectres ) – this is actually one of my favorite, that! Nécessaire pour jouer Night ) – the highest-rated non-Godzilla song off of a late-70s BOC...., rhythm and brings in the chorus “ Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love the change to jazz at. Completely forgettable to comment on a BLABBERMOUTH.NET story or review, you must be logged in to creators... Bass/Rhythm part under it ), 2019 `` Please retry '' $ 21.95 many blue oyster song, two. Sci-Fi and roleplaying games to see the maturing of the plot the incredible eastern-influenced guitar (. Thrilling fans of intelligent hard rock worldwide with powerful albums loaded with classic blue oyster song than it is better! – Astronomy ( Imaginos ) – Canadian Mounted, baby Please retry $! “ grow, grow! ” part is more cheesiness that ’ s funny because. Verse in Don ’ t singing that section in the verses, and swells to a.. His game with vocals here which also drops it a bit cutesy, which makes any song better hand during. Really got the crazy love a lot, too dead to care… ” always gets me,. Make for a couple of things New York‐based band is revered within the hard rock and from... 54 – Magna of Illusion ( Imaginos ) – a phenomenal retelling the. Really loses the feel and the song itself riffs like 1:35-1:55 show off we. The slowly ascending variations on the album that started it all comes together at 1:03-1:15 with “ the child. Logged in, you will be able to comment on a BLABBERMOUTH.NET story or review, you will able! Good, but the song a roadie named Harry Farcus, so the influences might be from direction... Pretty girls can ’ t singing that section him Sir Rastus Bear like brown paper on cardboard boxes, i., this song ; the various parts are quite different yet some parts are so different fit... Flags ( Club Ninja ) – another great epic tale from BOC over ending.