Come Visit Naples, FL and Catch Yours Today. They all fish for peacock bass and largemouth bass near Naples, FL. The best Lake Erie fishing charters aren’t just there to take you out on the water; they’re responsible for providing... What brings people to Fellsmere Florida? Catching a peacock bass can be tricky. When you’re fishing in this part of Florida, much of the time, you’re right in someone’s backyard, but there’s great peacock bass fishing no matter where you are in South Florida. Peacock bass are arguably, pound-for-pound, the hardest fighting freshwater fish in existence – breaking 65-pound braided line and straightening 4/0 hooks. Southwest Missouri Fishing Guides; Best Resource for Fishing Guides in Southwest Missouri! Here are some of our top peacock bass Florida locations for you to check out. Undoubtedly, one of the most sought after fishing trips in Florida is for the exotic Peacock Bass. The canals run through neighborhoods, behind retail stores, and near major Florida Interstate Highways. Most people fish using live bait along the shore, but there are a few access points into Blue Lagoon Lake and throughout the canals that run southwest to northeast. At the northeast parking lot, there’s a community park, and this is where most people launch their boats. Hi, this is Captain Mark Rogers and today We were fishing at the Golden gate canal.. Fort Lauderdale Peacock Bass Fishing can have you addicted to freshwater fishing. It's not white sand beaches or vibrant nightlife. Summer time makes for the perfect conditions to target the elusive Peacock Bass in Southwest Florida. Peacock Bass Fishing Trips & Packages. While you might have a bit more of a difficult time finding a strong population of fish here, it’s the canal system and variety of fish that draws people in. Peacock Bass Florida Map. Be sure to check out some local guides to help you determine the best time of year to fish for peacock bass, as well as what they’re currently biting. There are miles of drainage canals that make up this system, and every so often, you’ll find a boat ramp and bridge where you can launch or cast. Tony Masiello is a full-time Peacock bass fishing guides, specializing on Florida Peacock bass in Miami and large-mouth bass fishing in the Everglades.Live-bait or artificial, Tony can teach you both of them. Another positive side effect of the introduction of peacock bass into Florida waters is a number of peacock bass specific guide services have been started. Peacock Bass. If you’re fishing in the hot summers, this is when peacock bass bite most heavily, and the largemouth retreats deeper for more moderate temperatures. These fish are incredibly powerful, aggressive, and display a unique array of bright colors. More Fishing Reports: All Reports by Capt. Years of experience has allowed our local experts and professional fishing guides to show you the ultimate outdoor adventure. Over the years, the exotic peacock bass has made their way into these waters. Peacock bass are an extremely exciting species to catch and you do not have to travel out of the United States to catch them. Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Service located in Miami, Florida Depending on if you’re looking to go out today or in town wanting to go tomorrow, or you’re planning a vacation and wanting to mix in a little fishing. If you’re out there and they don’t seem interested in shiners or cichlids, go ahead and switch to a small fly or soft plastic worm. The speckled peacock bass is the largest of the species and grows to just over three feet; the smallest, the royal peacock bass, grows to a maximum length of one foot, 10 inches. Overall, its pretty awesome that we can target these fish here in Florida. Regulations in this area permit anglers to take two fish per day, with one being longer than 17 inches. Capt. When it comes to the ultimate Southwest Florida fishing adventure, the Florida Everglades dominates. Surrounded by an endless amount of activities from shopping to spending time on the beach, you can never get tired. Expect to find butterfly peacock bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, and other panfish here as well. Since this freshwater game fish was first introduced into the Southeast Florida canal systems by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission in the 1980’s to help […] Read unbiased reviews and choose the best deal for your trip. Our local experts come equipped and ready to get you on the fish of a lifetime. Naples, FL is one of the most breathtaking destinations to visit in Florida. Keep in mind all the recommended lakes we’ve provided and always check our fishing reports to find new information and updates on the best peacock bass fishing in South Florida. But while saltwater fishing has played an important role in the state's economy, it is Florida's largemouth bass and its varieties like the butterfly peacock bass that put the Sunshine State on the international sportfishing map. As you can see, you have so many opportunities here in Southwest Florida. We want to show you and educate you on what Naples, FL is truly about. The Bel Aire Canal is a perfect example of peacock bass fishing at it’s finest. Fort Lauderdale also offers some great fishing that’s rich with peacock bass. Whether you choose a saltwater or a freshwater trip, you’ll go after your catch in a kayak. When they’re active, they’ll strike at anything, so you don’t have to be too picky about what you give them; it’s all about the presentation. One of the best parts about this fishery is that it also holds largemouth bass, freshwater snook, and so much more. Butterfly Peacock Bass Fishing. Topwaters tend to work pretty well too. Our local experts have extensive knowledge about fishing here in South Florida. During the spring months, when they’re spawning, they travel in pairs, so it makes it easier to locate them. US Toll Free 1-800-262-0370 EU +44 203-239-7671 UK 0203-239-7671 About. Bass fishing in the long stretches of canals in the Everglades makes for the perfect fishing experience. Make sure to book your kayak fishing charter! Peacock bass fishing in Miami is a thrill, and it’s something that brings a lot of people to this area of the state each year. Peacock Bass Fishing in Southwest Florida | Kayak Fishing For Peacock Bass. If you want to target largemouth bass on your peacock bass fishing adventure, make sure to let your captain know. by Randy | Posted on November 2, 2018. Get a professionally guided fishing charter by a local, easy, trustworthy and online. The Peacock Bass has now become a preferable target for both salt as well as fresh water anglers. The stretch … Have you ever wondered how to enhance your travel experience? Capt Mark Hall has been fishing on the urban canal systems of the Miami area for the past 25+ years and guiding for the past 15+ years. Peacock bass are big predators, so they eat heavily on anything, and they’re most aggressive in the heat and sun. If you are looking to catch peacock bass in Southwest Florida, these are the guys to explore with. Florida Sportsman's 50 Favorite Sportfish of Florida: Peacock Bass. The Florida peacock bass is the dominant bass that is fished here in South Florida. If you enjoyed this post about Southwest Florida Fishing, you might also enjoy this fishing report from the same area. Tony’s specialty is going way back into the Everglades flats and fishing top-water all day, does that sound like fun or what! Peacock bass can be found in South Florida from the Florida Keys all the way North to Palm Beach and the southwest coast in … 09:00 am – 05:00 pm. Every trip is unique and will be catered to your families needs. Monster Mike and I teamed up and smashed some beautiful Florida peacock bass in the canals that snake through the Miami area! Dade County is loaded with great places to catch peacock bass, but few are as great as the Miami Airport Lakes. 98 were here. Many local fishing guides specialize in “exotic species trips”, targeting a range of non-native fish, including Peacock Bass, Snakehead, and Clown Knife Fish. Fishing for Peacock Bass. Let my 20 years of experience guide you to some of the finest light tackle freshwater fishing South Florida has to offer. Here you’ll not only find an abundance of peacock bass, but you’ll also find snakeheads. Capt. Yeah, none of that. This part of the state has year-round largemouth bass, panfish fishing and peacock bass. ... Reel Fins Florida offers memorable fishing trips around Southwest Florida. Here at Florida Peacock Bass, we employ many of the world’s best professional guides all across the country to work here. I was standing in the middle of the crankbait aisle at Bass Pro Shops when I first tuned into talk of peacock bass being spotted in Southwest Florida. Peacock bass are also an exciting catch around here and a favorite of locals in Fort Lauderdale. Filed Under: Fishing Reports, Florida Fishing Reports, Florida Peacock Bass. The Lake Ida chain of lakes is a popular fishing destination for people from all over the world. One of the best things about visiting this area of the state is that there is plenty for the whole family to do. Look for patches of grass and heavily vegetated areas along the shore. The best trick we have for identifying peacock bass is to look for their bright orange color. How to Find and Catch Peacock Bass in South Florida. How-To Catch Articles and Videos, Where's the Bite, Regulations, and more! Hop onboard their comfortable and spacious fishing vessels for a trip and adventure you will never forget. Every time you go out, you will be on the fish. These fish hit like a freight train and offer a heck of a fight. While you can find peacock bass almost anywhere in South Florida, there are some specifics that can help you. Many believe that the only place to catch them is in South Florida. Anywhere throughout these two counties, if you can find a canal, you’re likely to find peacock bass. The ramp is at 3300 Santa Barbara Blvd in Naples. Our top choices are the C-103 Canal, Black Creek Canal, and Snapper Creek Canal. Please follow the step by step process to reserve fishing reservations, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp below or email or call +1 877-211-2277 or Local 954-771-5833. Top Florida Bass Fishing Lakes and Destinations. Find a place to park your car, grab your gear, and you’ll be fishing in no time at all. Your first step to getting a trophy Peacock bass if you have no access or visiting and have no gear is using a fishing charter. Freshwater Fishing Guide for Largemouth Bass & Peacock Bass in South Fla Freshwater Fishing Guide for Largemouth Bass & Peacock Bass in South Fla ... 8888 Southwest 136th Street, Miami, Florida 33176, United States. If you’re exploring South Florida for the first time, we highly recommend checking out this area. The best time to do that is during the early morning hours. This is the best way to track them down and figure out where they are. Domestic shiners are the magic to get peacock bass in the boat. Peacock Bass fishing in Naples Florida.Always catch and release!Join our Free fishing group for more info. They run through neighborhoods, by stores, and close to all interstate highways, so you’re always sure to find one that works for you. Whether you’re traveling from out of state or right up the coast, we’ve got the best peacock bass fishing lakes and canals for you, so continue reading! When it comes to the ultimate Southwest Florida fishing adventure, the Florida Everglades dominates. Good availability and great rates. While you might be able to see the interstate from portions of the lake, don’t let it turn you away. If you love to catch bass, this is your destination. Florida Peacock Bass Florida Peacock Bass Fishing GENERAL FISHING INFORMATION--Cypress Creek Canal provides excellent largemouth bass fishing, and it is the northern limit for predictable catches of butterfly peacock.The boat ramps on this canal are some of the best in southeast Florida. J. W. Smith of Rod & Gun Resources and our outfitter, River Plate Anglers, literally pioneered peacock bass fishing in Brazil, exploring remote headwater rivers for over 30 years. The lakes start at Boynton Beach and end in Delray Beach. Your first step to getting a trophy Peacock bass if you have no access or visiting and have no gear is using a fishing charter. 10 Places with the Best Fishing in Florida – And None of Them is The Best Spots for Peacock Bass in Florida. Fishing packages for anglers to catch the world's most stunning fish. Fishing... Prev: Deep Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Erie Pennsylvania with Local Expert, Next: Annual Vacation Fishing Charter in Central Florida for Largemouth Bass, Get your bait exploded on before setting the hook into some hard-fighting peacock bass, Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida: Local Travel Guide, Best Lake Erie Fishing Charters: A Complete Guide, Fishing Enthusiasts Flock to Fellsmere Fl. They are sensitive and are quite smart for being a fish. Make your way through the seemingly endless canals, and you’ll find plenty of structure where the peacock bass are hiding. Here at Florida Peacock Bass, we employ many of the world’s best professional guides all across the country to work here. By land or by boat, we will show you the best peacock bass fishing, and exotic species such as Jaguar quapote cichlid, Mayan cichlid, Midas cichlid, Tiger Oscar, Spotted Tilapia, Pacu, Bowfin,Clownknife, and the infamous Bulleyes Snakehead ( AKA the Urban Jungle Dragon). Trips. It’s located between Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades National Park. Most days, you can throw every artificial lure you have at them without any luck. Artificial baits work exceptionally well for the largemouth bass. Most of our main lakes are within driving range of all the major destinations. Bass Fishing in Florida can be accessed from every corner of the state. Over the years, the exotic peacock bass has made their way into these waters. These are a favorite in this area, and they are highly aggressive and fun to fish because they put up quite a fight. So let’s get your friends and family out fishing for a memorable day of peacock bass fishing! Whether peacock bass fishing or largemouth bass fishing, our local experts will get you on the fish. [fusion_button link=”” title=”BOOK YOUR EVERGLADES FISHING TRIP ONLINE NOW!” target=”_self” alignment=”center” modal=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” color=”default” button_gradient_top_color=”” button_gradient_bottom_color=”” button_gradient_top_color_hover=”” button_gradient_bottom_color_hover=”” accent_color=”” accent_hover_color=”” type=”” bevel_color=”” border_width=”” size=”” stretch=”default” shape=”pill” icon=”” icon_position=”left” icon_divider=”no” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””]BOOK YOUR EVERGLADES FISHING TRIP ONLINE NOW! You might have to go on a little drive further South but it will be well worth it. Now that you’ve seen some of the best peacock bass Florida locations, let’s talk a bit more about your strategy for catching them. BIKINI Peacock Bass Fishing by Randy | Posted on January 26, 2021 Day before Thanksgiving, I go out with PEACOCK BASS ADVENTURES here in South Florida, for … Popular Bass (Peacock) Fishing Charters in Naples, Florida. 407-363-0009 Orlando, FL Orlando Bass Fishing Pictures South America Peacock Bass Pics Here you’ll find an assortment of fish ranging from butterfly peacock to sunshine bass and catfish. Years of experience and knowledge has led to exceptional fishing trips that are waiting for you. Your local expert will have the bait onboard for you before arriving at your fishing location. Getting outdoors and potentially exploring our Naples peacock fishing charters can be a life-changing experience. Peacock bass generally prefer clear water, so you’ll want to fish clear sections near the shore. If you’re traveling here from out of the area, you’ll find a ton of canals that make their way throughout the area down to the Everglades. Whenever you can catch a cold front, the peacock bass start biting heavily. If you’re traveling here from outside the area. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time! [/fusion_button] They’re actually pretty easy to entice as well, so once you figure out where they are, it doesn’t take a lot to get one in your boat. Send … There are many amazing Peacock Bass fishing spots in Florida, especially in the southern parts. Get your bait exploded on before setting the hook into some hard-fighting peacock bass. Most of the bigger bass are caught during the cooler months when the fish are more actively feeding, but Southwest Florida is known for the place where you can fish year a round. If they’re not biting, try slowing down the presentation a little, and this especially applies during the spring. Make sure to target them during the middle of the day when the temperature warms up a little. Peacock Bass Fishing in the USA for Peacock Bass, Florida. When you’re done fishing for the day, there are tons of activities for those who might not be as interested in fishing. Species. FL Black Peacock Bass. The best Bass fishing West Palm Beach offers is right here in the city itself. They do inhabit weedy areas underneath lily pads and in murky water, though. These fish are an exciting fight, and their bright colors make the event even more enjoyable. We want to help you uncover these fisheries so that you can show your guests a great time when they visit you. Open today. Lake Osborne is a 356-acre chain of lakes in Palm Beach County. View our amazing Peacock Bass Fishing Trips and Vacations to the Amazon. The Butterfly Peacock is one of the most beautiful, most aggressive and hardest fighting fish on the planet. All rights reserved by OWD. Captain’s Mark Rogers, Nick Pasquarello, and Rick Mitchell are all exceptional local experts that can get you on fish. The east coast has a number of guides who specialize specifically in the targeting of peacock bass. It was a nice day There was a slight breeze, helped push us down the canal nice and slowly, it was overcast all day which kept the temperature down which made fishing conditions perfect for us. These bass are an exciting fish to track, and they’re sure to impress when you pull one out and snap a picture of it. Russ Walker; Cape Coral Fishing Reports; Southwest Florida (Cape Sable to Boca Grande) Reports; Florida Fishing Reports; Browse All Fishing Reports : Tide Walker Charters is a Professional Florida Fishing Guide Service. The best butterfly peacock bass fishing occurs between the months of March and May, but you can expect to catch them all year long. Copyright © 2021 FFN. Access to the lake is plentiful with plenty of areas to fish from the shore because most of the lake is surrounded by John Prince Park. Simply choose a destination and we can provide a true professional in every sense of the word and you’ll find a list of all available charter captains on the guides page. Parks & Preserves in Southwest Florida Florida Go Fishing. As you cruise through the backyards of beautiful homes and residents of Golden Gate, FL, you will have a blast catching peacock bass. South Florida has an amazing Butterfly Peacock Bass Fishery that is year around. Return to top. What they don’t know is that there are several hidden gems located in Southwest Florida as well. Markham Park is a 669-acre park intertwined by Florida canals. When in spawn, they tend to stay in one place and protect their beds, but if you can get close enough to threaten them, chances are you’ll get a strike. When you are looking to go out on a Florida bass fishing charter, the main way to choose your fishery is based off your travel location. Bass Fishing in Orlando near Disney World. Cast after cast you can bring in some big numbers of fish all year long. PEACOCK BASS FISHING ONLINE RESERVATIONS. It’s important that anglers practice proper catch-and-release policy to preserve these beautiful fish. There’s a great population of peacock bass here ranging from 1-3 pounds, with the biggest ever (10 pounds) coming from this area. Gallery. These incredible fish are exciting to track, fun to reel in, and a joy to snap pictures of when you get one. The peacock bass is now considered a prized and highly sought after game fish in these water. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Look near drop-offs and hard structures such as boulders and large cement blocks along the shoreline. Within minutes of landing in Palm Beach County, you’re a short trip away from some of the best fishing anywhere on the coast. Everglades Bass Fishing is also dominated with largemouth bass. Please read about the hard fighting Florida Peacock bass below, then leave a review or drop us an email with any questions you may have.. All about the Florida Peacock Bass. Most anglers will fish for Peacock Bass from the banks and shores of South Florida. But you need to know where to find them. Home; ... PEACOCK BASS FISHING IN MIAMI FLORIDA (ft. MONSTER MIKE!!!) One of the most effective ways to catch peacock bass in Florida is with live bait. Start your next trip with our local professional guides and get the adventure started today. Bass fishing in the long stretches of canals in the Everglades makes for the perfect fishing experience. The butterfly peacock (also called peacock bass) is a prevalent freshwater game fish introduced to south Florida in 1984. Peacock bass are commonly targeted here in Florida. What makes Peacock Bass Adventure on Lake Ida so Special? Swamp to Sea Guide Service offers Peacock Bass fishing charters here in the Palm Beach Florida area. Come cast a line with us in the beautiful Urban Jungle of South Florida, and the magnificent Florida's Everglades. One of the most essential parts about exploring the outdoors is a local expert. As a result, we know have a fantastic fishery for both peacock bass and largemouth bass along Alligator Alley. If you can do anything to mimic the baitfish they’re familiar with eating, you should have no problem. The Golden Gate canal system is one of the most exciting areas to fish for peacock bass. Naples Florida Peacock Bass Fishing . Local Peacock Bass Fishing Guides. Yes, you read right!!! Finding the best peacock bass Florida locations is a simple task when you’re working with the right information. The next step to catching a peacock bass is knowing how to present your lures and what to use. In just a short drive, you can be on the water exploring all that there is to offer. Southwest Florida offers endless fishing opportunities, but one of my favorites is targeting peacock bass. Florida Peacock Bass Fishing. Fishing Charters Naples Florida | iOutdoor Fishing Adventures You’ll find plenty of low-hanging trees, docks, and weed beds to fish, so there’s no shortage of great opportunities to catch peacock bass here. Travel south of the airport, and you’ll find places such as Blue Lagoon Lake, Lake Mahar, Red-tailed Hawk Lake, and more. If you are a lover for urban outdoor adventures, the Golden Gate Canal System would be the perfect fit for you. Sometimes you can even catch them swimming in small groups of four or five while chasing down small baitfish in the shallow water.