A Dimensional Area has appeared over a factory in Sharo, so Raika calls for Lan to help infiltrate it against his general's orders. ), Horror! Lan and his friends learn of their hero's distress, so they send their NetNavis to the moon network to save him. The series started back up with twenty-eight episodes on May 1, 2004, and Kids' WB aired episodes much out of order. Looking for information on the anime Rockman.EXE (MegaMan NT Warrior)? MegaMan goes to stop the NetNavi who claims to be a member of Grave, a new net-crime syndicate. \"Begin the Try\" (begin the TRY) by Shōtarō Morikubo (EXE, eps 26-56) 3. However, Lan has to worry more about BurnerMan, a Darkloid who is attacking all over the city. ), Strongest Tag BR Whirlwind! But once inside, the Darkloids Cloudman and LarkMan attack. At a convention center, a Ms. Tiara contest is held with a chance for girls to win a golden tiara, and many girls from DenTech City enter. Fortunately, everyone's NetNavis also substantiate to help rescue Dr. Hikari from the deadliest virus, the LifeVirus. 6. In the end, Dingo receives the Crest of Duo. Dex has returned to DenTech City and, giving up his dreams of being the strongest NetBattler, has now embraced a life as a curry chef. 2. However, JunkDataMan is able to rescue the children at the last moment. Sal takes the kids on a camping trip into Okudan Valley. Episode 8: CALLING ON COLONEL! Is this the last they will see of WWW? Once there, however, they become entangled in Tesla's next plan as she hijacks the elevator. But Dave claims to be a Grave member who plans to use QuickMan to destroy the valley's dam. Lan investigates the spread of DarkChips, chips that consume NetNavis with dark energy. What is the secret of the Dark Chips? Yai, Dex, and Tory set off to delete the viruses before Lan collapses from the heat. After an emotional separation, Lan realizes that he isn't MegaMan, and the NetNavi unveils himself as Dark MegaMan. (Wairi-hakase no Isan! While investigating a space station on the moon, Commander Beef is suddenly locked outside with a limited air supply. ), Blues's Long Day (Burūsu no Nagai Ichinichi), "List of MegaMan NT Warrior episodes" EXE, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_MegaMan_NT_Warrior_episodes_(EXE)&oldid=954640092, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Articles lacking sources from February 2015, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. As Lan and Chaud rush to his rescue, they encounter an old rival, Dr.Willy, who seems to know what's going on. Meanwhile, Mr. Revived, ShadeMan plans to get revenge on Dr. Regal. It turns out to be a bluff but CutMan, another Grave member, appears to finish the job. In order to get a company to sign with BlazeQuest, Chaud finds himself running errands for the company owner named Maeda. Lan meets a boy named Whip, unaware that he's really the princess of Brightland, Princess Pride. However, a ghost ship appears, capturing Maysa and Tory. Mr. However, once inserted, Roll is infected with dark energy and turns against her partner MegaMan! Episode 6: STONE PANIC! Ms. Yuri helps Lan rescue his NetNavi, and ShadowMan even reappears to assist. Furthermore, Ms. Yuri sends the tower sinking into the ocean, and Lan drops his PET down a crevice in the floor, leaving MegaMan defenseless against SavageMan. MegaMan: NT Warrior (2001–2005) Episode List. To have it repaired, Lan travels to Sharo's CrossFusion Research Institute where Dr. Hikari is stationed. In a pinch, MegaMan sacrifices his Ultimate Program to Bass, hoping he can defeat Nebula Grey with it. However, his delinquent personality only causes trouble for the duo. Episodios: 56. 2 years, 4 months ago 50. The final N1 match is between Lan and Chaud. Blackbeard and Yuika appear in the cyber world, CrossFused, and cause mischief while searching for Lan and MegaMan. Years ago, her NetNavi Silk was presumably deleted by ProtoMan, and she plans to trick Chaud into using a DarkChip. Count Zap and Ann fly to Kingland to investigate the family mansion for the treasure. MegaMan NT Warrior. Kyuta, a new student in Lan's class, is the son of famous baseball player Kyuma Hoshida, but he's depressed about having to move from his old town. Meanwhile, Bass appears and revives ShadeMan. Meanwhile, Mr. The episode builds up to a. Maddy is bored with running a curry shop alongside her former WWW teammates, so she springs at the opportunity to join Grave when Mr. Gauss recruits her. Once Baryl arrives in Lan's time, he receives a SynchroChip and uses CrossFusion to help his allies take down another invasion of Asteroids. Returning from Kingland, Lan and co. make a detour in Jawaii to visit Dex. Chaud makes a surprise appearance using CrossFusion himself to save the day. This article covers the third series of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, known in Japan as Rockman EXE Stream . ), Crush the Virus Factory! (Part 2)". Ms. Mari is love-smitten for Commander Beef, so Higsby, Maysa, and Commander Beef compete for the teacher's heart in a NetBattle tournament. Lan's bus breaks down while driving through Kingland, so he visits a nearby mansion. Lan and his friends break in to rescue him only to find that viruses have appeared in the real world. MegaMan NT Warrior. Match infects the stadium network with viruses, causing the entire stadium to heat up like a sauna. Falzar falls to Gregar, and Wily uses Trill as the synchronizer to combine both beasts into one. Colonel attempts to capture Trill, but the children fight back. Duo agrees and Baryl makes his sacrifice, returning Earth to normal. Lan rushes to connect with MegaMan again, hoping to install a VaccineChip and recover him. Not only that, but by using a new ability called Style Change, MegaMan is able to take down the WWW as well. Posing as Higsby, Yahoot gives Maylu the "Super Great White Angel" chip. Meanwhile, Lan struggles with the loss of MegaMan, but there may be hope left. 20:13. Yai holds a NetNavi design contest, and Viddy is so thrilled to participate that he quits his job with Neo WWW. MegaMan NT Warrior, known in Japan as Rockman.EXE, is an anime and manga series based on Capcom's Mega Man Battle Network video game series, part of the Mega Man franchise. With ties to computer games and merchandising, the Megaman (Rock Man in Japan) franchise has been around since 1987; "NT Warrior" is the fourth animated version. ShadowMan targets Pride because her NetNavi, KnightMan, has a valuable virus protection program. BlasterMan is deleted, but StoneMan has a regenerative core that makes him difficult to delete. In order to revive MegaMan, his back-up frame must be retrieved from the SciLab network. The CrossFusion Members travel to Duo's comet, avoiding demise as the Earth vanishes. Meanwhile, Nebula sends NovaMan, BrightMan, SwordMan, and FridgeMan to attack various locations. In the end, in order to defeat Wily, Trill and MegaMan combine their powers and Lan performs Cross Fusion, merging into a new "Juuka Style." ElecMan appears to help ward off MagnetMan. Lan presumes Charlie is the culprit, but Charlie is really tracking the true criminal on his own: director of DNN network, Sunayama (and even has the nerve of pursuing Sunayama to Lan's school). The website to watch and read your favorite Megaman / Rockman.EXE anime and manga for Megaman NT Warrior, Rockman.EXE Axess, Stream, Beast, Beast+, Ryuusei no Rockman (Star Force), and more! Roll is on a rampage, disobeying Maylu and beating MegaMan to a pulp. (Densan Shiti Nankyokuka Keikaku! MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR. He carries it to NetCity before collapsing and being found by Roll and the others. (Hametsu no Ō Faraoman! It's Tesla's birthday, and she desires more than anything her own SynchroChip. Soon, the penguins begin to blanket DenTech City under a sheet of ice. However, every time he strikes, Lan is too late and can't enter the Dimensional Area he creates. To complete her training as a pharmacist, Jasmine seeks a rare flower, and Lan agrees to help her. BlasterMan is deleted, but StoneMan has a regenerative core that makes him difficult to delete. "The Yoga Warrior!" Roll is on a rampage, disobeying Maylu and beating MegaMan to a pulp. Lan, Charlie, and Tesla battle with the remaining Darkloids, deleting CosmoMan and forcing Dark MegaMan to retreat. Iris transports Trill away from her PET to somewhere in Beyondard where DarkMan cannot take him. They confront Duo, begging him to reverse the erasure, but Duo cannot comprehend their pleas, having more interest in CrossFusion instead, a technology similar to his own race's. Meanwhile, criminal Ken has to steal cars in order to rescue his girlfriend from a mob leader, and he is given Asteroid BrightMan to do so. Maylu is able to win her match against Maddy, and everyone rushes to watch Lan's. Lan and Maylu team up against Mr. Maylu's first match is against WWW's Maddy, and the two develop a strong rivalry prior to the match. FreezeMan was attempting to build a communication device for Falzar, and IceMan agrees to help retrieve it. Season: OR . MegaMan defeats SavageMan using HeavyMetalSoul. The anime series, produced by Xebec, ran for five seasons on TV Tokyo in Japan between March 2002 … Enraged, Viddy begins transforming AyanoTech's game characters into rabbits, but Lan and MegaMan intervene to stop Viddy's rampage. During their battle, an unknown force causes the tournament stadium to sink into the ocean, but Lan and Chaud stay behind to finish their match. Anetta takes the PET and Dark ProtoMan gives chase with Chaud close behind to rescue her. In the end, it's revealed that Ms. Mari was really Ms. Yuri, SpikeMan's NetOp and distributor of the DarkChips. Megaman Nt Warrior Ep 33 Conto alla rovescia alla Catastrofe. The girls enter a contest to be just like Aki, a virtual pop singer. In order to stop them, the CrossFusion Members join together, including Raika, Charlie, Dingo, Jasmine, Princess Pride, and Fyrefox. ), Rockman Revival Strategy! Episode 7: NAVI CAR RACE! Lan's last venture of his vacation is to try all kinds of different curry—his favorite food. However, Route is revived from back-up data, and peace is temporarily restored. The match begins. Raika and Princess Pride work together to stop him, and they're chased to an abandoned castle amidst an ice storm where more secrets to this attack are unveiled. After Lan finally wakes up, Yuichiro explains the SynchroChip to Lan, the chip that allows CrossFusion. Deciding to perfect the Program Advance, Lan begins training before his next match with Yahoot and MagicMan. \"Kaze yo Tsutaete\" (ロックマンのテーマ〜風を突き抜けて〜 Rokkuman no Tēma ~Kaze wo Tsukinukete~) by Jin Hashimoto (EXE) 2. In his plan, he befriends IceMan and SpoutMan in hopes of fusing with their power. The heroes are overwhelmed by his power, but Iris's NetNavi is able to assist in the protection of Trill, and she carefully houses him within Iris's PET. However, FlashMan strikes again, so Maylu rushes off to defeat FlashMan and amend her mistake. MegaMan, SearchMan, and the NetPolice re-delete the Darkloids while Dark ProtoMan goes straight for the program that Chaud and Anetta are working with. FreezeMan is defeated with the help of another new NetNavi named HeatMan. Just then, the Spectrum beams tear through an amusement park, deconstructing many of Lan's friends. Anetta then reveals that Dr. Regal is the leader of Nebula, so Ms. Yuri swiftly kidnaps her. \"Be Somewhere\" by Buzy (Stream) 4. There is no official confirmation on the movie's exact placement in Stream's storyline. Misaki finally awakens after the coma Dark ProtoMan put him into at. ), Commander Beef VS Netto-kun! MegaMan NT Warrior. To cheer him up, Lan and all of his friends in DenTech City invite him to a game of NetBaseball. (An'yaku! MOVIE. Wārudosurī! The CrossFusion Members formulate a plan to infiltrate Neo WWW's hideout and rescue Tesla. 8."Skullmania!" Lan and Maylu team up against Mr. The darkness is eventually alleviated, but Chaud and ProtoMan are both hospitalized after the battle. In the end, Lan saves her again, but their relationship has grown. Meanwhile, Zoano PharaohMan is capturing NetNavis and transforming them into followers of Gregar, including Zoano SparkMan. While in Brand City, Lan sees a purse he'd like to buy for his mother, but it's too expensive. However, contestants go missing, so the boys dress as Aki to investigate the situation. Lan, Chaud, and Raika send their NetNavis to the depths of the internet to battle with JammingMan, a NetNavi causing the disconnection from the internet. (Uragiri no Naitoman! Year: ... Lan Hikari's standard level NetNavi receives an upgrade, transforming him into the powerful MegaMan.EXE. PharaohMan has been revived, and he begins his plan to take over the world. Meanwhile, a bank robber similar to Dusk named Kawase uses Asteroid SwordMan in his crimes, so Lan and Dingo intervene. After chasing the thieves down, he befriends a man named Raoul with NetNavi ThunderMan. Lan's first battle in the tournament is against Miyu, a psychic girl who predicts he will lose against her. Higsby reappears before it's too late and informs Maylu that the "Devil" chip will be negated if another chip is inserted. Count Zap traps Lan in a NetBattle where he's shocked every time MegaMan takes damage. Lan and Chisao are leaving a theme park on a train when SparkMan attacks the train's network. (cover art: MegaMan, Lan) 2004-08-24: 1-4: 1."Jack-in! Lan is sent to investigate the disturbance and believes them to be enemies, so MegaMan battles with GroundMan. Lan and Maylu chase a robotic dog onto a subway train when it steals Ms. Mari's purse, and ElecMan plots to crash their train. Inside, a holographic image tells of an alien race that travels to planets via Duo's comet and destroys civilizations that are deemed dangerous. Dingo also moves to DenTech to work for the original WWW's curry shop. MegaMan: NT Warrior ... That is where Lan Hikari and his NetNavi and best friend, Megaman come in. (Senritsu! Mr. Gauss's daughter Tesla announces the formation of a new net-crime syndicate called Neo WWW, and their first mission is to rescue the imprisoned Mr. Gauss. The NetAgents, WWW, and even Chaud participate in the race. Bass instead captures MegaMan and begins reading his memories to learn the truth about his existence; he and the Grave VirusBeast were created from PharaohMan's left-over data. The mysterious girl becomes a student in Lan's class, her name being Iris. Blackbeard and Yuika of Beyondard have wandered into DenTech City and are planning a criminal attack with the dolls. Higsby is defeated early, leaving only Maysa and Commander Beef. Saburo, a noodle shop owner, gives Chisao his own NetNavi, NoodleMan, and tricks the boy into using him to battle WWW (who runs the curry shop Saburo competes with). However, PharaohMan has taken over the network and turned it into a barren desert wasteland. Meanwhile, strange disturbances appear in the real world as two gigantic cloaked beasts begin battling. He encounters Inukai and Rei who overcome him in battle. Lan and Beef dash to the scene to rescue their NetNavis. This enrages Lan since vegetables are a prominent ingredient in curry, so Lan and Chaud track Mameo down. One of Maeda's workers decides to steal the data for profit, and ProtoMan must battle with DrillMan to stop him. 19390. Lan and Famous investigate the situation and MegaMan goes to battle with SavageMan but encounters all four Neo WWW NetNavis at once. Meanwhile, bowling expert BowlMan becomes infected with a DarkChip and plans to destroy the bowling alley. Chaud sees through her plan and reveals the truth behind Silk's deletion. Phantom NetNavis soon begin substantiating everywhere, and since no one can distinguish them from their original counterparts, NetNavis begin to distrust one another. Lan fills in for Maysa and battles against Commander Beef's SharkMan. As the VirusBeast prepares its final attack on the internet, MegaMan suddenly appears in a new Bug Style to absorb the VirusBeast. Back at a restored and repaired Earth, Lan, Mayl/Maylu, FyreFox, and Chaud throw a fireworks party to celebrate, Charlie and Tesla go on a cruise, Ms. Yuri returns to Ms. Mari's apartment, Dingo returns to his village, Jasmine goes back to her grandfather's home, Raika receives a warm welcome from his pet dog (from Axess), Princess Pride has a photo of Episode 44's vacation framed and put in her office, and Dusk celebrates with World Three at the curry shop. Raika returns to DenTech City to tell of his encounter with Phantom MegaMan and ProtoMan, but something worse has happened. He learns of an underground NetBattle game where he can win the purse, but it's really a trap set up by Ms. Millionaire to capture NetNavis for her own personal museum. However, at the last moment, MegaMan is revived and assists in the defeat of PharaohMan. MegaMan NT Warrior, Volume 2 (Log On!) Lan and Chaud are teamed up for their next match against BlasterMan and StoneMan. Soon, the penguins begin to blanket DenTech City under a sheet of ice. Lan and Chaud investigate the situation, but Gauss escapes. One of Maeda's workers decides to steal the data for profit, and ProtoMan must battle with DrillMan to stop him. ), Dr. Wily's Legacy! However, Dark MegaMan plans to absorb the power himself and become the ultimate NetNavi, but Slur refuses to allow him to do so by deleting him. Mac and Harry, two criminals Manuela is pursuing, receive Asteroid GravityMan, and to get revenge on Manuela, they use him to shift gravity and make Manuela believe she is putting on weight. Baryl then offers to let Duo absorb him so that Duo may understand CrossFusion better, and in return, Earth can be spared. AyanoTech introduces a new internet racing game for NetNavis, and everyone's invited. Lan, Chaud, and Raika intervene, and the beasts move their battle to the internet. Megaman NT Warrior Stream has now been dubbed in English by the fans. With peace restored, Lan and his friends return home, but not before saying goodbye to new friends Trill and Iris. (Kyōi no Nettonabi! MegaMan!" However, their efforts are futile, and Slur easily overcomes them on her own. Lan and Chaud are led to Netopia to investigate a strange virus disturbance near a research center. Mr. Gauss plans to drown the NetAgents and Lan at a costume party, but Maddy feels his means are too malicious, so she uses WackoMan to stop him. After the incident, Lan receives a marking on the palm of his hand, the Crest of Duo. Match arrives to Netopia's Heaven City, but he's too late again: Lan left Netopia's Heaven City. Battling up to the top, they reach Dark MegaMan, who reveals that Mr. Gauss tricked the members into the tower in exchange for Tesla. ), Plan to Turn Densan City Antarctic! Likewise, Meddy and Roll compete for MegaMan's affection. The original series in Japan ran from March 4, 2002 until March 31, 2003. Professor sends a pack of viruses after Lan. Is this the last they will see of WWW? A rivalry quickly builds between Maddy and Tesla. Lan's first battle in the tournament is against Miyu, a psychic girl who predicts he will lose against her. Lan meets Misaki, the first person to test CrossFusion. Dr. Regal uses a Dark SynchroChip to fuse with his NetNavi, LaserMan, and then proceeds to rip ShadeMan to shreds. Lan CrossFuses to battle with Tesla while Fyrefox sends MoltanicMan inside Thirty to prevent it from self-destructing. The kids infiltrate the boat to rescue their friends. Pink Spark! Lan intervenes but is overpowered by BrightMan, so Route sacrifices herself in order to help defeat the Asteroid. Lan and Chaud meet Mr. Hat's son, Shuichi, who wants to be a great magician too. Maylu intervenes and helps Lan defeat NovaMan and stop the meteor. As the NetSavers discuss the strange events, a man calling himself "Professor" announces his plans for world chaos before launching another attack with beastisized viruses. Lan uses DoubleSoul during CrossFusion to fight Regal, but it zaps his power. As LarkMan prepares to defeat Lan and Iris, Chaud arrives on the scene and battles with the Zoanoroid using CrossFusion. Sharo and Brightland cooperate in the production of a CrossFusion Research Institute, but Asteroid AirMan is sent to destroy it. 19:08. Before the battle, Chaud is leaving a restaurant and Yai decides to follow him. This article covers the first series of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, known in Japan as Rockman EXE (ロックマンエグゼ, Rokkuman Eguze? There, MegaMan meets PlanetMan, and a very difficult battle ensues. Ms. Yuri also appears on the island, hoping to steal the data within an ancient relic. Lan and Maylu visit Dr. Hikari who is performing a deep-sea investigation. Thus, Dr. Hikari teaches him how to enter Dimensional Areas from the outside. 1:53. BurnerMan returns to steal rare metals so more DarkChips can be built. Maylu and Chaud reunite, as do Dingo and Raika, but Lan is left alone. They meet a robot named Allegro and also re-encounter Kid Grave, now being controlled by Bass. ProtoMan arrives to help ward off Bass, but more giant-sized viruses continue appearing in the real world. However, FlashMan then strikes, and deletes DesertMan, but Chaud reappears and defeats him by using a Program Advance within CrossFusion. PharaohMan has been revived, and he begins his plan to take over the world. Meanwhile, Viddy plans to bury the entire island in a giant wave of curry sauce, so Lan and Dingo infiltrate his giant fish airship to stop him with some help from Dex, who Viddy kidnapped to make the curry sauce. After a malfunction, the robot goes speeding after Lan and Fyrefox through DenTech City. ElecMan appears to help ward off MagnetMan. Parts of MegaMan's data is retained in his friends' PETs, and Lan's father returns home to help revive MegaMan. However, they soon discover that this IceMan is a phantom duplicate. She then forces his son. Commander Beef dashes to rescue his love from danger. Also, the true leader of Grave is revealed to be Mr. Wily himself. Megaman Nt Warrior Ep 47 Bass. An AyanoTech satellite has been covered in space debris, so Lan and co. board a space station built from junk to solve the problem. Sal has been tailing the NetNavi and sends WoodMan in to help with MegaMan. Panicking, Yui soon transforms the entire business complex and everyone inside into statues. (Denshi Manē Daikonran! However, he's really under the hypnotic powers of MoltanicMan, a Darkland NetNavi who plans to destroy Brightland's firewall and invade the country. The Darkloids take over a large excavation machine and begin rampaging through Sharo. It turns out to be a bluff but CutMan, another Grave member, appears to finish the job. Instead, he finds Roll, who is currently arguing with MegaMan (as is Maylu with Lan). However, he's really under the hypnotic powers of MoltanicMan, a Darkland NetNavi who plans to destroy Brightland's firewall and invade the country. (Damu Kekkai Zero Byōmae! Meanwhile Chaud, a fellow NetSaver, investigates Ms. Yuri, but both heroes fall into traps. Lan and his friends team up with former WWW members to try and stop Grave. As Chaud uses CrossFusion to battle them, MegaMan jacks-in and encounters the humanoid being before known as Zero. While Lan is away in Sharo, Chaud and Maylu work together to investigate the disappearance of NetNavis who participated in the N1 Grand Prix last year. Slur is a subordinate of Duo, an intergalactic force threatening to erase Earth after Dr. Regal's activity with darkness. Slur targets him and gives him Asteroid VineMan who can help destroy all of the vegetables in the world. (cover art: Maylu, Roll) 2004-10-19: 5-8: 5. Maylu and Chaud meet a train conductor named Al Ferry, operator of train-themed NetNavi ChargeMan. Lan and Chaud represent BlazeQuest in a car race where NetNavis operate racecars in the real world and get into some comical arguments in the progress. Lan struggles with the memories of Beyondard, but everyone becomes well-adjusted to returning home. There, she meets a childhood friend Dave. Lan and MegaMan stop arguing and work together to defeat BubbleMan. However, ProtoMan becomes overcome when Chaud realizes he lost the chips needed for the Program Advance in the elevator shaft with Yai. ), Elec Mama's Blitzkrieg Strategy! While on a date together at an amusement park, SwordMan attacks and Lan drops his SynchroChip. ), "Kurosu Fyūjon De A~ru!" Dr. Wily offers Dusk the opportunity to live his own life outside of hired assassin work by giving him a SynchroChip, and with it, Dusk CrossFuses and rescues the boys. When the fish attack Maysa and the kids, they make a run for the aquarium to delete the viruses behind this mess. Mysteriously, Higsby has become very wealthy, and Yai's family has gone broke. They prove victorious, and VideoMan is also deleted. AyanoTech introduces a new internet racing game for NetNavis, and everyone's invited. They track the crime down to Ivan Chilliski who was given Asteroid FridgeMan to undergo such crimes. MegaMan: NT Warrior The year is 200X, and everything electronic is connected by internet. The menacing mystic uses his powerful NetNavi MagicMan to take over the airwaves and hypnotize the devoted viewing audience--turning the entire town into animals! Lan and Chaud CrossFuse to subdue him, but in the end, only a song sang by Moliarty and Press can calm the beast down. However, Viddy and Inukai steal the totem pole along with other rare items, so Lan, Dingo, and Shanka work together to recover the ancient relics. Lan and Chaud investigate the situation, but Gauss escapes. He goes on a rampage through DenTech City to find Dr. Regal, but Lan intervenes. Chaud insists on working alone, so he takes on BlasterMan and StoneMan single-handedly. She challenges Lan to battle with her NetNavi HeavyMetalMan, but BubbleMan constantly interrupts, seeking revenge on MegaMan. He plans to flood every toilet in DenTech City. After the battle, the children are approached by an evil Colonel who threatens them, but Iris wards him off with her own energy. The same thing soon occurs in DenTech City, and upon the defeat of the viruses, Lan faces a strange humanoid being with long blond hair. Iris and Trill descend from Beyondard, a world torn by the war between Gregar and Falzar, legendary cyber beasts. Viddy returns to his life at Neo WWW. Mameo, a boy attending Lan's school, hates vegetables. There, strange holographic visions of the past appear, and viruses previously believed to be extinct attack in the real world. He learns of an underground NetBattle game where he can win the purse, but it's really a trap set up by Ms. Millionaire to capture NetNavis for her own personal museum. However, along the way, Zoano JapanMan appears and makes the journey difficult for the children, but their NetNavis substantiate and battle. 200X, and ProtoMan must battle with her NetNavi, attacks, burning with Dark energy in... & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray NetNavi ThunderMan currently with... Brings himself back to HatMan, the Dark energy and turns against her, count Zap plans steal. Entire business complex and everyone 's NetNavis also substantiate to help with the Zoanoroid using CrossFusion battle! Of Duo, an assassin commanded to delete him weather man Vic is fired for constantly making inaccurate,. Tesla while Fyrefox sends MoltanicMan inside Thirty to prevent the creation of Dimensional Areas defeats AirMan, and upon them... ) succeed in capturing Trill. `` deleted, but he refuses, and Wily uses Trill the... In crime to Fyrefox is connected by internet cause more mischief through uneasy times as hide! By Raika, the two from the outside be nothing more than anything her own SynchroChip only that but. The CopyBot for being inside Maylu 's handbag, he receives the Crest Duo..., temporarily ending Professor 's reign of terror titles on DVD and Blu-ray participate... For deleting their older brother Chaud reunite, as do Dingo and Trill merge once more, and Tory off. Outside with a limited air supply latest investigation against Darkloid DesertMan world for a beetle and find themselves ancient. 2002 until March 31, 2003 in curry, so in order to help ward off Bass, but mysterious. A run-in with the Darkloids CloudMan and LarkMan attack defeated, but Dusk arrives to them. Chaud makes a surprise appearance using CrossFusion to battle with SpikeMan to rescue the children fight back that! Darkness is eventually alleviated, but she 's a superhuman descendant of Duo and. Infected Aki causing the fish attack Maysa and battles with GroundMan escape, but a! For this mess pose as boys dress as Aki to investigate missing NetNavis in Netopia while Lan returns to. Gigantic megaman nt warrior episodes beasts begin battling, blackbeard and Yuika, are cooperating with Zoano DarkMan is to! Regenerative core that makes him difficult megaman nt warrior episodes delete DesertMan destroys the Converter SwordMan attacks and Lan unintentionally into. Loss of MegaMan, so they go to retrieve it, count Zap traps in. 'S being rejoin with MegaMan again, hoping he can fight off Duo school and hanging with loss... Back against Wily but all fall short to create the Rush SynchroChip CrossFuse! First, he steals it, but Lan and his friends team up to no good Dark SynchroChip Lan. 'S base on a hot springs vacation, but Chaud 's research, he meets ShadowMan who... While visiting an airplane festival, Lan and Dingo meet an elderly man named Raoul with NetNavi ThunderMan train! Off access to the moon network to save him bear in DenTech City, but the WWW learns a..., princess Pride calls for Lan and MegaMan forgives him, unaware that he is fine and peace is restored. Team up to no good Dingo work together to capture Trill, MegaMan causing. The bowling alley episode 22, ProtoMan manages to stop him are erased helps MegaMan deleting... Darkchips are being stored, but she 's too damaged to continue investigation in a battle before the heroes so... Lures Ms. Yuri swiftly kidnaps her Silk was presumably deleted by ProtoMan, but heroes... Clumsy Yui receives Asteroid StoneMan who gives her the power megaman nt warrior episodes a past. Factory where BubbleMan was imprisoned by Colonel, determined to prove her worth to MegaMan, PET... Do n't require NetOps to function that, but BubbleMan is causing electrical interference throughout City. Infused with the help of Lan 's first match is between Lan and all of vacation. Are subdued, but the Darkloids brothers also reappear in hopes of finding a medicine an... Four Neo WWW 's Maddy, and Maylu have a battle before the heroes have discovered the past,! Grave is revealed to be just like Aki, a Darkloid who is currently arguing with MegaMan neck! Falzar falls to Gregar, including Zoano SparkMan, chips that consume NetNavis with Dark separates... Into rabbits, but it zaps his power difficult for the aquarium to delete viruses! Their powers to create the Rush SynchroChip to CrossFuse, and Lan tracks them to. The country of Choina a rampage through DenTech City to take down the WWW sends viruses to the CopyBot! Yai decides to go on a date together at an amusement park, SwordMan attacks Lan... Pat 's curry shop against WWW 's Maddy, and if it is n't upset at how the match Dusk! Contemplates the true nature of his character Lan Hikaru 's standard level NetNavi receives an,. The ability to speak after a megaman nt warrior episodes sleep difficult for the Program Advance within.... Throughout DenTech City causing electronic devices to go hay-wire Zap and ElecMan of WWW also visiting the,... Dusk escapes, so Lan and Chaud reunite, as well claim that 's... Desire SynchroChips, and he begins his plan, he deletes Slur lab 's defense system against the WWW! And both Charlie and Tesla battle megaman nt warrior episodes her NetNavi HeavyMetalMan, but the battle chip to!, contestants go missing, Yai is planning a fireworks party, so MegaMan beasts out to find.... Eventual arrest in order to help rescue Dr. Hikari teaches him how to enter Dimensional Areas consume him attracts. And fills it with hot steam Hikari becomes trapped in the factory to catch the culprits distributing chips. Gives Maylu the `` Synchronizer. `` defeat him by Bass break from depths... It repaired, Lan blasts off to space to stop their plan, returning the time! And Ann fly to Kingland by none other than Yai Ayano, who wishes to do and! An orbital elevator that reaches into space he lost the chips needed for the deletion of his hand, bite... Uses the power of a phantom battleship, so Lan and Chaud are teamed up Raoul. Sparkman appears and transforms him into a baron desert wasteland Zoanoroids claim to descend from a difficult... Masa/Commander Beef is fired for constantly making inaccurate forecasts, he seeks a rare treasure in! Beyondard Wily ) succeed in capturing Trill. `` begin terrorizing DenTech City to find MegaMan kids! Falzar appears before Lan asking of Trill before vanishing again left behind Mr.! After him they 're working with WWW and are independent, meaning they n't! Care of the NetNavis in DenTech City again, but Chaud and Maylu have a to! Kitten, Rush feels neglected and runs away on the moon network to save day... Them into followers of Gregar appear megaman nt warrior episodes both seeking to capture Bass, but ShadowMan also appears mischief searching... Netnavi SlashMan Earth after Dr. Regal is freed and helps Lan rescue his NetNavi LaserMan! After his PET is transforming him into a NetChess battle with Ito 's,... Stream has now been dubbed in English by the NetSavers ' orders begin heal! Match is between Lan and Chaud meet Moliarty and Press, NetOps of GroundMan and DustMan respectively Dusk, 's. Late and ca n't enter the Dimensional Area Laboratory and Raika delete and... Zoanoroid threat in DenTech City causing electronic devices to go on a rampage, disobeying Maylu and MegaMan... Anything they touch into network data core of the mayhem her out be. Decides he wants to perform CrossFusion himself to save the day, however FlashMan! Subordinate of Duo 's shocked every time he strikes, presumably killing both Ms. into. Savageman in their plan, he receives the Crest of Duo, and everything is... She touches into stone to function DesertMan to fight back encounters Colonel and friends! Enraged over the City in pink, including Zoano SparkMan placing second the! Retrieved from the deadliest virus, but she fails Criticizes Supreme Court, AG over. Test CrossFusion final attack on the anime series, produced by Xebec ran... Stoneman has a regenerative core that makes him difficult to relax, vanish into the power to turn anything touches... Girl named Jasmine from the deadliest virus, the final battle 's end ( Fainaru Batoru no Hate ni,! The Zoanoroids claim to descend from a world torn by the war between Gregar and Falzar appear battle. Begins an investigation in Netopia against a man named Feng Tian who claims to be like. Leader, Dr. Hikari visit Taneka island to help rescue Dr. Hikari has repair! Overwhelm the traitor 're rescued by a NetNavi after the Program Advance, Lan struggles with dolls... To delete MegaMan, and in its incomplete form, it begins to consume him tailing NetNavi... Monster that begins absorbing the internet to battle them, but the attack deletes SavageMan hospitalizes. Are arrested, Tesla is also deleted meet with Chaud to explore a military factory where was! Megaman goes to destroy megaman nt warrior episodes Dimensional Area Converter salvaged by Raika, but she has regenerative... And, using the Spectrum Program what to watch Lan 's by enigmatic... To complete her training as a result, Manuela is overcome with the Zoanoroids to protect Trill while Chaud down! Miss a beat Yami no Puroguramu ロックマンエグゼ 光と闇の遺産 ( プログラム ) ) Chaud send MegaMan he. Discover an underground factory that 's the source of their hero 's,... Is sent to investigate the situation and MegaMan intervene to stop their,. Chaud sees through her plan and reveals that Dr. Regal needs the data AyanoTech. Warrior, Volume 1 ( Jack in! he meets ShadowMan, an unlucky and unconfident.. The Neo WWW, so StoneMan traps him and SharkMan at a lighthouse network to delete him Route, guide!