On Zeus drives, check the steering oil reservoir dipstick, and check the clear reservoir for lower-unit gear oil for any signs of water seeping into the drive. Full details on our program can be found here. Disappointing, but then again whens the last time you worked on your car? Best of the old and the new.maybe. The ZEUS ArcPods have hit the 2022 market. I was surprised by how light and long lasting these were. But I usually run at 32 miles per hour and get 1.5 mpg, he says. For more information and/or quote, please complete the contact form below. All in all saves a lot of cleaning hassle and maintenance costs- cleaning is primarily focused on the mouthpiece and associated parts with a quick wipe of the chamber. (See How Fuel-Efficient Are Pods, Exactly?) The biggest savings might come when the pods aft-located engines add interior accommodations. The biggest difference between IPS's and Zeus pods is the position of the propeller. I am looking for one that has been treated well and run as close to the ideal as possible. Drive Pirates The counter-rotating propellers and large rubber grommets the engine is mounted on means reduced vibration and engine noise. You can check these in your browser security settings. We didnt have to touch it until we got back to San Diego.). All told, figure $500 per engine annually, plus haul-out fees. Click to enable/disable Google Analytics tracking. This is our premium store warranty and only select units are covered under this program. Their hull speed is usually 8 to 10 knots, and the power and efficiency of pods dont kick in there much, even though they benefit from the added maneuverability, less vibration and less smoke. ZF also built far larger pods that could handle far more horsepower. Vessel Systems Considerations for Marine Repower, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems Miramar, LLC. The pod-drives gave us the ability to manage the narrow locks and small marinas along that route without a bow thruster. Pods are more prevalent in the pleasure-yacht category than in sport fishing. He ran the boat down to sell it down there. Volvo doesnt offer the option of in-water service. Fashioned out of high quality aluminum, the Zeus ArcPods are designed to hold up to 0.3 grams of dry herb and work perfectly with the Zeus Xtruder which directly connects to, fills up, and automatically ejects the pod once the optimal amount of dry herb has been loaded. Pod drives, including the Volvo Penta IPS, Cummins Zeus, ZF Marine POD 4000, and CAT Three60 POD 650 have taken the recreational boat market by storm during the recent past. Mark their location any way you can, with a waypoint or a buoy, said Steve Little, president ofTowBoatU.S. Featuring a patented design that provides the simplest solution for vaping on the go with your Zeus 3rd generation vaporizer. Cleaning also maximizes efficiency of the pods contrarotating propellers. While there has not been a flood of acceptance in the sport-fishing market for pod-drives, the cruising market has seen a larger number of owners making the transition away from conventional shaft-and-wheel boats. Zincs every year, costing a few bucks, a new Cutless bearing every once in a while, and a couple of brushfuls of paint for the struts and rudders. I am after some of Seaboards famous frank and honest advice: should I run away from pod drives.or go for them if they have a solid maintenance track record which I need to commit to maintaining.or go for them without hesitation because they really are the better technology? Pods, on the other hand, need annual TLC, and this means skilled work. One described his skepticism like this: Its just too good to be true. The most remarkable performance advantage was one that sent every propulsion and boatbuilding engineer to the drawing board to imitate: the joystick control system. The downside is pod drives are way more complex than conventional propulsion systems; consequently, pod-powered boats cost more to buy and maintain. The noise and smell from a diesel goes away with pods, said Bentley Collins, Sabres vice president of marketing and sales, and with joystick control, you dont have to worry about crashing into the dock.. Big-game fishing is a pursuit rife with tradition and time-proven tactics. I was always an outboard guy, he says. (Power & Motoryacht once had a company boat powered by inboards with which the publisher at the time rammed a sunken fuel barge at a healthy clip. You get a little cavitation but nothing close to the noise from shaft-drives, he says. Volvo includes neither a water alarm nor a clear reservoir, so check the single transmission and gear oil dipstick for signs of water. A couple of tanks of fuel? Featuring a patented design that provides the simplest solution for vaping on the go with your Zeus 3rd generation vaporizer. A racing motor with a warranty? Outboards are easy. Goes without saying: Its got ZF Smart Command 5000 drive-by-wire. Months later, Mercruiser and Cummins joined forces to deliver Zeus pod-drives to boaters. Some captains claim that the pods are too tall, requiring a higher deck to cover them. Other than checking anodes, Petzold said the most important thing to do is change the fluids per the maintenance schedule, and use the recommended gear oil, or oils. Yes, you need to be concerned about steering and propulsion fluids (lower unit) but you are not dealing with shaft irregularities, cutlass bearing maintenance, and thruster maintenance. But who cares, really? When Volvo Penta took the industry by surprise with the IPS, it had patented the forward-facing counter-rotating propellers, patented new propellers for the design and also sent the exhaust out the back of the pod, not through the hub of the props. Phone: 1-844-858-8273 Email: [emailprotected].com. The new props dont ventilate, and their position alignment with the keel gave them a decided advantage by leveling the keel on the hole shot. The lids are essential and for one-time use only. Simply pop in a pod and enjoy your herbs. But this was a first for the recreational segment of the marine industry, and there was a lot of buzz and excitement. How many buyers do you think reconsider upgrading to pods because of the extra maintenance cost? Watch on Description Patented and designed for use with 3rd generation vaporizers such as the Zeus Arc GTS and Arc S, Zeus ArcPods make it easier and more convenient than ever to take your vaporizer and herb with you. . Richard Thiel, in February 2014. Thats the biggest attraction and why [pods] gained acceptance among a lot of enthusiasts, who wanted a certain size of vessel and want to move from a 28 to a 34 to 40 but were not comfortable with maneuvering inboard boats. It seems like this new tech gadgetry would have been off-putting to the salty captains, and it was, particularly among the sport-fisher crowds, who already had their docking and fish-fighting skills well honed. It seems that the Zeus pods have evolved over the years and later systems are more reliable than earlier ones. If you arent happy with the local dealer, you can call the concierge and get a tech in Tennessee. Today, 250s are middle of the road: Triple and quad 300s are common, and 400s built for everyday use are available, too. (Depending on the pod, there might be internal anodes, too. You cant take the grate off to clean or paint in there. His solution is to spray Interlux Trilux 33 or Pettit Alumaspray Plus from aerosol cans inside the seawater intakes. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Our best guess is it will take a significant chunk of the market. Its docking. Robin Buckley captains a SeeVee 39 with IPS 600s, named Kimbuktu. You can also change some of your preferences. Once hes inspected everything and put it all back together, Petzold paints the pod. Its hard to tell if sport fishermen will take to it. Use of Cookies: ZF Friedrichshafen AG uses cookies to continuously improve the website and optimize its design. A failed shaft seal lets water into the pod, with unfortunate and expensive results. The pods combine transmission, steering, and propulsion that would otherwise entail separate trans, shaft/prop, thrusters, and rudders. are zeus pods still being manufactured. Allow $450 per IPS pod, $350 per Zeus. Like most everything, making the decision to go conventional or pod is a personal choice. The Arc GTS is no . by | Jul 3, 2022 | small rosary tattoo | Jul 3, 2022 | small rosary tattoo Its the joystick maneuvering system that sells it. The bill to undo the resulting carnage came to $46,000, a figure that couldnt have been much worse if pods had been involved.). Unless I lived/boated in the same area where existed the Mecca of Zeus Service Centers (wherever that may be) I would steer clear (no pun intended) . Controlled at low speeds by a joystick rather than wheel, shifts, and throttles, pods take most of the angst, the apprehension, and, sometimes, the sheer terror out of close-quarters maneuvering. Otherwise you will be prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab. Discussion in 'Engines' started by JamCruiser, Jun 20, 2020. Internal bonding issue and corrosion and a bunch of internal parts had to be changed. At the 2005 Miami Boat Show Volvo Penta introduced its Inboard Performance System (IPS) and changed forever not only the way we run our boats but the way we think about running them. They tasked ZF Marine to bring them a transmission that would mate with their Zeus pod, electronic controls and joystick steering. International service is also a concern for pods. Re IPS: Volvo is well regarded for their innovations with IPS. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Yet catastrophic groundings are rare for all boats, although again, the financial consequences for the pod owner are usually steeper. I liked the ZF right away. Some pods require draining. I am on the East Coast. Another benefit comes from counter-rotating props on the pods. I liked the idea of being able to handle the boat from the helm seat instead of standing up all the time. Yes, you need to be concerned about steering and propulsion fluids (lower unit) but you are not dealing with shaft irregularities, cutlass bearing maintenance, and thruster maintenance. Ignore it and you can forget about that edge in fuel efficiency over inboards. The inboard has simplicity and ubiquity. Zeus Pod Drive Transmissions. Click to enable/disable _gat_* - Google Analytics Cookie. They have shafts, they have props, and they can get more if they need them. Indeed, were approaching if you have to ask territory here, and although a magazine writer like myself has about as much chance of buying a pod-driven anything as he does scoring a date with Sofia Vergara, I still think the benefits of pods far outweigh the extra initial and maintenance costs. (And when the struts rip out, they can take parts of the hull with them, something that probably wont happen with pods.) How Fuel-Efficient Are Pods, Exactly? It might save the cost of a divorce on cruelty-while-docking grounds, too, a way bigger budget-breaker than pod drives. While it is possible to reuse lids to reduce your consumption cost, they will impact the flavor negatively, same way as a disposable cup will impact the flavour of your coffee negatively if reused. If that aint enough, Seven Marine builds a 557- or 627-horsepower small-block V-8 configured as an outboard motor. Zeus Pods need to be placed within a specific distance from the transom for a lot of performance reasons and because they include the automatic trim tabs as part of their standard offering. Finger pointing is worse in any situation when it is out of warranty, then you are left on a deserted island. Zirk fittings require grease in U-joints and at both ends of jack shafts that connect engines to drives. The biggest fear boaters have is not about running out in the open water. Are they worth it? You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. Once offshore, I spun the boat in a complete 360-degree rotation on its own axis in less than 14 seconds. In short, I love my Cummins 6.7 units and I am getting happier each day with the Zeus pods as I learn them and how to care for them. In effect, a sport-fisher fresh out of the factory may make 45 knots on pods, but by the time it is provisioned and ready to fish, its going to lose some speed. Along with Volvo, who now makes the IPS drives from 260 to 1,000 hp, Cummins and MerCruiser partnered to join the fray with their Zeus pod-drive system, complete with SmartCraft monitoring and system management that integrates the vessels electronics, propulsion and onboard systems. Dont cheap out on anodes, Petzold advised. The vaporizers displayed on this website are not intended for or made to prevent, treat or diagnose any illness. You can also reach us at +1 (833) ZF WRENCH. Unless you get the boat at a knock-down price, I mean really low, I wouldn't touch one without a full service history or a late model. Capt. Click to enable/disable _gid - Google Analytics Cookie. Can anyone speak to when there were evolutionary changes in the Zeus pods? Siebert puts annual maintenance for pods roughly $2,000 above what straight shafts cost, not including extra haul-out fees for boats that exceed 250 engine-hours per year. Pods are designed to shear off without compromising hull integrity. All diesels need TLC, but pod systems need a bit more. If you lose oil or get water in the lower unit, an alarm will sound before the problem becomes catastrophic, Fessenden said of Cummins drives. But its also highly dependent on the application of the vessel. This takes the stress out of dealing with any warranty concerns, if your unit is covered by our Hassle-Free Warranty and has an issue, do not hesitate to contact our customer sales team. Maybe.) ZF Marine entered the pod fray when its exclusivity agreement with Zeus expired. It gets all the bubbles out of the wake, he says. are zeus pods still being manufactured. Theoretically. Pods operate independently of one another to provide vectored thrust in any direction, which makes the vessel incredibly maneuverable. Sensors and things like that. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Rob makes a very good point about service network and availability of skill in your intended cruising area. Most pods require service after a short break-in period at 25 hours or so. KISS Keep It Simple Sailor. More interior room? Everyone fears the unknown, especially boaters, many of whom still consider pod drives something alien. Make sure to do this, and if buying a used boat, make certain the first owner did it, too. Here are both performance charts. In the past decade, high-tech pod drives have changed the face of powerboating, and for the better. Ask to see the service records for the boats first year. What if you do hit something? he says. Superior to bow thrusters, which can drain your battery and leave you stranded - Zeus Joystick Piloting for Pods is integrated with the pod drives, without relying on battery power. Those meridians are not as over propped as other boats in the Brunswick family, based on my reading of boattest.com performance tests, but you will need to change out the prop set eventually and that means 4 different props for the ZEUS. To determine which, run the throttle up slowly on one engine and then the other. We had a few bugs in my first IPS boat. Inboards require sacrificial-anode replacement, prop adjustment, cutless bearing repair, shaft alignment, and a method of controlling marine growth. Being new to power boating, I selected this configuration for ease of docking and it has been fabulous. Although there are claims of 30 percent efficiency gains in cruise and top-end speed as well as fuel savings, the results vary from boat to boat when compared to straight shaft and prop configurations. Nor did I want to. Sociability is another huge advantage to pods. When checking transmission oil level, give it a sniff. Also demanding periodic attention are hydraulic steering, transmission, and lower-unit oils. Four different fluids just to service them. A Bonnier LLC Company. We created Lids for you to reuse your Aluminum ArcPods. One benefit of pod drives is joystick maneuverability. You always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website. vs. 0.8 nmg pods @ 16.2 kts.). Units that under our Hassle-Free Warranty program are covered directly by TVAPE and do not require you to deal directly with the manufacturer. Also demanding periodic attention are hydraulic steering, transmission, and lower-unit oils. Marlin Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Its a whole new world of boathandling out there, one all of us can enjoy. Autor de l'entrada Per ; Data de l'entrada ice detention center colorado; https nhs vc hh cardiac surgery a are zeus pods still being manufactured a are zeus pods still being manufactured These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help us understand how our website is being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us . Zeus ArcPods - The 3rd Generation of Vaporizers is Here! Each pod has 2 props and they are different. Click to enable/disable Google reCaptcha. Here at TVAPE we offer free shipping on every order above $100.00 inside Canada and USA. Pods are the ne plus ultra of propulsion, but it costs a little extra to keep them spinning. All rights reserved. It turns out that if I went with the new Cummins 550s and straight shafts, the IPS is a little cheaper., Sport-fish mode. Add to Cart. We recommend consulting with a licensed physician before using a vaporizer. Zeus service includes changing 0w30 SAE transmission oil, hydraulic steering oil and filters inside the hull as well as 90-weight gear oil outside the hull. williston funeral home obituaries, russell swan attorney, likheter mellan liberalism, konservatism och socialism,
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